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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

What!? Snow Again!? And A Sunny Tuesday to follow

Last Friday we had yet another snowstorm. It amounted to roughly 12 inches and was beautiful...
until it was time to exit the driveway. If you look closely you will see the deep tire tracks. One of our cars actually did get stuck and had to be dug out. It brought to mind the first winter DH and I were married. DH, being from Brooklyn where subways insulated the streets, insisted he didn't need to shovel the very long driveway of our new home.
"The sun will melt it in no time!" he boasted.
"No Sweetie", I gently disagreed. "The snow in Connecticut (where I was raised) needs to be cleared or the whole winter will be a struggle."
Shortly after his most assured comment, DH spent 8 hours trying to remove his car from the snowbank that swallowed it up just to teach him a lesson. Now that we live even farther north than our first home in Connecticut DH gets on that snow ASAP every time!
But I still think it's pretty and wouldn't change my four seasons for all the tea in China!
Luckily, the driveway was cleared in time for my Chicks to arrive to a bright sunny afternoon of knitting. Sheila is almost finished with her Pelerine shoulder shawl and Barbara finished one project and started another. Elaine was test knitting for gauge and was disappointed when she had to frog her progress and start again. But it was amazing to me to see how far she knitted by quitting time.
Beth is almost finished with a sweet little cardigan....
And I'm on the last of nine skeins of yarn for the ruffled scarf I started a couple of weeks ago. It looks like a big blob on my lap, but I think I'm going to like the end result.
Now that it's March I'm looking forward to the longer days of sunshine. I think I actually feel a little extra zip in my step. Meh! Maybe it's just the cup of coffee I had with breakfast. In any case, I'm ready for an improvement in weather. I hear that Moose is already making his way to preschool in nothing but a sweater. That's a benefit of living five hours south of here.

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