Your greatness is not what you have, it's what you give.

Monday, March 30, 2009


So my phone rings Saturday morning and this sweet lady's voice tells me she picked up my card and wanted to ask me a question. She then goes into this conversation.

"So I have this chicken that doesn't have a comb. It's black with some white feathers. And it's not too big."

My response is,


"I'm looking for a rooster with the same look and I haven't had any luck. Do you know what it's called?"


"Have you ever seen this type of chicken? And do you know where I can get one?"


Now I think I'm being punked but she's seems so sweet on the phone that I don't want to sound rude. I told her I think she's made a mistake because I knit and donate the finished clothing to charities to which she responds how embarassed she is but I had two baby chicks on my card and it said "Chicks with Sticks of Glenmont" so naturally she assumed I sell chickens!


I guess you could make that mistake...

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Some good photos of Moose in DeeDee's sweater

This weekend was such a whirlwind that Moose wouldn't stand still long enough to have his photo taken, so my daughter was able to send me some photos of him in his new sweater where you can actually see him sitting still. By the way, Moose calls me "DeeDee" instead of Grandma.

He doesn't sit quietly for long. Cherish the moment!

His energy comes from his mom! LOL!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Happy 2nd Birthday Moose!

This weekend was the big celebration for Moose's second birthday. He invited his little friends from playgroup and some family members to share in lots of fun and excitement. Uncle Drew even came out to help . He helped decorate some of the cakes for the "Veggie Tales" theme. He's making French Peas out of cupcakes with some supervision from Moose's mom, Amanda.

I don't know all the names of the characters, but I know Larry the Cucumber and Bob the Tomato when I see them. These cakes were delicious! Amanda is quite a good baker.

Great Aunt Jamie sent a special hat for the birthday boy to wear but it was too small to fit over his head. You know how tight those headbands can be!

One of the games that was very popular among the kids was The Giant Pickle bean bag throw. Moose loved knocking him over.

When Cousin Derek arrived Moose made sure he got right into the thick of things at the party.

Anais, Carly, Moose and Timmy had tons of fun in the ball pit. All the adults spent most of the time retrieving the runaway balls.

When it was time to open gifts, Poppop Ron was chosen as assistant to Moose. They both had fun checking out the surprises in all the nicely wrapped gifts.

Great Aunt Jamie attached an appliqued Nemo to a sweatshirt and it was one of Moose's favorite gifts. He LOVES Nemo!

One of Moose's girlfriends, Carmen, also assisted in some gift opening. Now Moose has his own cellphone to call her.

It was soon time to blow out the candles and sing Happy Birthday.

The next activity was a bit messy.

Moose loved the cake but begged for paper towels to clean his hands. He's like his Uncle "Doo"...he hates to be dirty!

I managed to get my handknit hoodie on Moose long enough to snap a picture but as you can see he didn't stand still for long.

Some of the adults were checking out the Villa Nova basketball scores on an IPhone while the kids were busy playing.

And then all too soon, it was time for Uncle Drew to catch the train home again. He got a big hug and squeeze before he left. Moose adores his Uncle Drew!

About one month ago our Philadelphia friends, Connie and Al became grandparents for the first time and here she is, precious Madison Grace, who weighed in at 8 pounds and 15 ounces! And look at all that hair! What a doll!

Here are Nana Connie and Grandpa Al opening up the pink hoodie I made to give to Madison. Shhhhh... no one is supposed to know they saw it first. LOL!

It was a weekend filled with fun and we were so happy to be there to help Moose celebrate his birthday. Now it's time to rest and get back to my knitting. Hmmmm...what can I work on now?

Friday, March 20, 2009

A new addition

Barbara sent this photo of her most recent project, a sweet set for a newborn.

Thanks Barb!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

If we had been drinking anything besides herbal tea this afternoon I could blame all our mistakes on "knitting under the influence". But alas! We have no one to blame but ourselves. Elaine was working on a bonnet to match the eyelet sweater and she was quite a few rows past the border when she realized she didn't change needle sizes. Luckily, she didn't have to frog too much. Kathleen was working on a beautiful yellow lace scarf which consisted of a four row pattern and she got misled by our "scintillating" conversation and had to frog back a row or two. Then I was working on the sleeve to the navy and chambray hoodie for the second time (the first time I finished the whole sleeve when I discovered I made a 1X1 ribbed cuff instead of a 2X2 rib) and got to the last row only to find out I didn't change up to the larger needle after the cuff. Two whole hours wasted! Well, not really...I had a great afternoon with two lovely ladies.

The evening knitting session went much better. Joyce got quite a lot knitted on a cute little eyelet baby hat and Maureen is continuing work on her baby blanket. She's an accountant and this is her busy season, so she looks forward to Tuesday evenings to veg out and knit. And I finally finished one whole sleeve with no mistakes. FINALLY! Tomorrow is a new day and I'll start fresh. I might even have the sweater done by next week.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Sweaters Everywhere

The afternoon ladies all seem to be on a sweater knitting kick. In the last three weeks Kathleen has finished three sweaters and they are all darling. The pink one on her lap has various shaped buttons all the same color. It's really cute. And the striped blue sweater is so soft that I just want to cuddle it. The set she's holding is for a newborn when he goes home from the hospital. Can't you just picture a sweet little bundle all cuddled up and ready to start life in that cute little set?

Elaine's eyelet sweater is coming along. She has one sleeve to go and then assembly starts. I'm excited to see it finished!

I'm working on an "all boy" hoodie. I finished the body of the hoodie last night and started one of the sleeves. I hope to have it finished by next Tuesday.

The ladies in the evening group are continuing to work on their ponchos and blankets. Because they are so big, there wasn't much different about them to show you this week. But as soon as they are completed, there will be photos.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Latest Project Finished

There was a mysterious skein of pretty turquoise wool in my stash and I have been waiting for the perfect pattern to cross my tracks for it's use. I recently came across the Cashmere Neck Warmer from 101 Luxury Yarn One Skein Wonders and the two ideas came together. It worked up so quickly that it took two days to make the first one and there was enough yarn to make another which I finished in one day.

The second neck warmer, which will be donated, will have buttons instead of a scarf pin, but I haven't picked them out yet.

If you like this pattern, you can find it as a free download on listed as Cashmere Neck Warmer by Sarah Keller published in Knot Another Hat and 101 Luxury One Skein Wonders. Enjoy!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Another finished Windowpane and Stripes Hoodie

I made a trip to Northampton, Massachusetts on Saturday to visit WEBS ( "America's Largest Yarn Store" and the first canister of buttons I picked up had the perfect button for my latest hoodie. I couldn't have asked for a more perfectly matched button. Isn't it cute?!

I opened my email today only to find some new photos of my Moose! We bought him this cute little raincoat and matching umbrella for Christmas and now he gets to use it. The coat and umbrella are covered in moose!

Moose and his girlfriend Carly took a trip to the Please Touch Museum in Philadelphia and they had a great time with all the activities. This is the actual floor piano keys from the movie "Big" which starred Tom Hanks some years ago. Unfortunately, Moose and Carly weren't heavy enough to make it play, but their mommies had a good time making music.

Moose and Carly had lots of fun playing in the water table. It's a good thing they had plastic aprons!

Moose loves to "help" his mom play guitar so he loved this huge guitar at the museum!

I can't wait to visit again and check out this museum for myself. I'm sure Moose will be able to give me a private tour.