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Thursday, July 23, 2015

An oldie but goodie!

This week has presented itself with some personal challenges which require my immediate attention. I've decided to post an oldie but goodie to keep in mind when knitting, or crafting of any sort. I hope to be back in a couple of weeks. In the meantime, keep those needles clicking!

Someone once asked me how could I invest all the time and energy into knitting a garment and then just give it away, never knowing who will get it, how they will wear it, and the most worrisome in her mind, how will they take care of it!? Well, I came across this website that talks about yoga and knitting and how to apply some applications to both. It offered the following guidelines for a healthy lifestyle which could also pertain to knitting.

Peacefulness toward self and others. Be gentle with your own hands and body, not knitting so frenectically as to injure yourself. Encourage others to do the same. Another aspect is not to get too competitive, with others obviously, but also with yourself. There's nothing wrong with enjoying a project that's not a challenge once in a while. Try not to get pulled into flame wars on your favorite net forum, no matter how strongly you feel about the topic or personalities involved, and certainly don't start them.

Truthfulness. Give credit where it's due, don't pretend you invented things you picked up in your readings, even if the sources are unknown to your audience. Be honest in any reviews that you share, don't let personality issues with the source overwhelm the things that you should be talking about, whether positively or negatively. Teach things fully and completely, putting in every detail to help others' success.

Honesty, or more exactly non-covetousness. Respect the spirit of copyrights: don't distribute others' designs as if they were your own. Take time and at least put in a significant amount of effort if you're going to re-do someone else's idea, acknowledge them in the write-up. (I did up there) Stores that sell designs they copied for free from the net fall squarely into the category that should be working on this concept. On the other hand, many struggling small stores have theft rates that rival Wal-Mart!

Moderation. Listen to your body and work within reasonable limits. Especially don't push too hard to finish a project, make softer deadlines for yourself if you must have any. If there is a deadline, make sure you realistically evaluate how much work the project will take, allowing extra time for unplanned events, and downshift to an easier one if necessary. Try not to let yourself get guilt-tripped into making presents for everyone, especially near-strangers like your co-worker's neighbor's new baby!

Detachment. Cultivate modesty about your skill and/or productivity. Teach others your tricks fully and completely when they ask, especially if you expect the same in return. Truly let go of finished presents, not using them as leverage for pulling strings, not criticizing how they're used or not or how they're washed. Remember the process is itself enjoyable, no matter how much you love the finished product.

And I would like to add my own personal rule: if it's not fun, don't do it! Just be careful not to say that in front of your teenagers. It's come back to bite me in the butt a couple of times! LOL!

Tuesday, July 14, 2015


It's often been said of me that I would forget my head if it wasn't attached. Well, today I lived up to my reputation by not taking any photographs of our work in progress. In my defense, we had the driveway sealed yesterday so that meant our usual routine was interrupted. My Chicks could not enter the house the usual way and so we knitted in a different room, the living room instead of the family room. I even said to myself after the afternoon ladies left (and I gave myself a thorough scolding) "Don't forget to put the camera in the living room so you can take pictures tonight." 
Ummm...well...I forgot!
Cinzia finished weaving the ends on her brown scarf and added a lovely red cowl that she started a couple of weeks ago. Liz added a few more inches to her Noro Striped scarf and I picked up the white bouclé scarf after finishing my beige Mistake Stitch scarf. Elena added two more pairs of fingerless mitts in a bright royal blue yarn. This evening Maureen worked out the kinks on the slouchy hat that was off a stitch last week and Dorah added length to her scarf. So it was business as usual.
Next week my grandsons are coming to visit so the Chicks get a week off. Moose will be attending his annual golf classes so maybe there will be a few photos of the boys to show off...
if I don't forget!

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

A quiet day of knitting

This week was quiet. The afternoon ladies had conflicts so we didn't meet until the 7PM group. And then there were conflicts of schedule that kept two Chicks away tonight too. But Dorah and Maureen kept me company.
I didn't get much knitting accomplished on my Mistake Stitch scarf because I was trying to knit more blocks on the sock blanket I'm knitting for my son. There are over 350 blocks on it so far and it's not even to the half way mark yet. I'm making it to fit a double bed and then I'm going to knit an i-cord edge all around. I started this last June and work on it every so often. I've been trying to knit at least a block every couple of days but sometimes life gets in the way. You know how that goes!
 Dorah swore she would never knit another Noro Stripe Scarf but here she goes. I don't know why she doesn't like it. She's doing a great job!
 Maureen started the evening working on her slouchy hat but had to put it aside when she discovered her stitch count was off. Uh-oh! That's not good! So she picked up the shawl she's making for herself which she said has to be finished for a September occasion. Knit faster Maureen!
 My sister came to visit from Connecticut but like the rest of us, she doesn't like having her photograph taken. But those are her hands holding up the project she's been knitting for the past two years. She would much rather be out taking photographs of nature. She's very good at that pastime.
Someday she'll finish this and then we can add it to the inventory.