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Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Last week we enjoyed warm temperatures and sunshine that we don't often see until late May or June. Today the wind howled like a cold winter day and I was wearing my winter coat again. Even Beth commented that she had to wear the cowl she knitted while she was away in Tucson.
Here is her "Tucson"  Willow cowl. The colors beautifully compliment each other.
 She worked on her Wanderer Cap for the donation inventory. It has a nice traveling cable that zig zags up the sides of the hat.
 I'm still working on the Frostlight scarf, also for donation. It's a very simple four row pattern, but do you think I can remember what row I'm on? For heaven's sake, it's only four rows! Thanks goodness for row counters!
 I said I would have the purple Daybreak shawl finished by this week. I didn't say it would be blocked. A good soaking should improve it's appearance considerably. 
Maybe next week....

Sunday, March 25, 2012

My Moose turns 5!

Did someone say I was invited to my big brother's birthday celebration? When do we get started?!
 Moose wanted his grandparents to join in the fun at Chuck E. Cheese for pizza and games.
So Nana and Poppop Collins met all of us for some fun and games.
But first Moose wanted to open his gifts.
Nana and Poppop Collins gave Moose a slapwatch which brought back fun memories for his Mom who used to have slap bracelets when she was a little girl. The watch was a hit!
Poppop Mason and I gave Moose a book that explained where we will take Moose one day this summer.
Here Poppop and Moose check out the photos of Hershey Park. At first Moose didn't get it that his gift was not just a silly binder full of pictures, but after a while it sunk in that he was actually going to get to ride on the amusements and play in the water park.
Let's get on to our little cakes so we can hit the games.
The more ducks you knock over the more tickets you make to cash in on a prize before you leave.
Moose liked shooting the robot spider and made sure I understood all the skills it took before he would let me try.
Sure I'll dance a little if it means I get some free tokens to play more games.
How many apples did you catch Poppop?
Daddy was a great cheerleader, especially when Moose hit the big points!
Like this Deedee. Make sure you shoot the monsters!
He made that 30 point free throw!
Moose liked this ride because he could catch a little rest and get a "mah-shaj" at the same time.
Nana Collins had her mojo going! She made a couple of baskets. Watch out NBA!
Moose loved the car race. His Mom said she is terrified to teach him to drive when he is of age. I would be too judging from how fast he liked to drive this car!
Even Leo got in on the fun. There's nothing funnier than Poppop blowing raspberries in your belly!
Moose had just a few tokens left and wanted Daddy and Deedee to defend him against the monsters.
Back home the "Green Hornet" came out to save the world. (edit: I just got a call from Moose correcting me. It's the Green Lantern NOT the Green Hornet! Sorry Moose!)
On Friday we went to Longwood Gardens in Kennett Square, Pennsylvania for their annual orchid show. Moose had the guide map and insisted on navigating.
It's hard to believe it was March 23 with all the trees in blossom.
There's the conservatory where we'll find the children's garden and all the orchids on display.
At the entrance to the children's garden was the sign with rules and a gentleman with towels. Why would we need towels?
Ah-hah! Never mind, I know what the towels are for now.
The bronze statuary was beautiful. That's some stair railing!
As hard as he tried, Moose never did catch up with the traveling fountains.
Why is it that a spiral staircase can be so amusing to a child?
The scary snakes dripped "venom" into the pool below....
which "boiled" steam into the air. Every time Moose reached over to see what was on the other side, water would spit up out of the fountain at him. Timing is everything!
The hummingbirds never tired of gathering nectar.
Taking a musical interlude.
Even Leo and Mommy enjoyed the scents and sounds of the garden.
Mommy bird busily fed her baby chicks.
This sweet little corner looked like a restful spot for contemplation.
Oh look! The pelican caught two fish already!
The maze was a good place for running. Who am I kidding? Moose made every place a good place for running!
Apparently, the gargoyle was in dire need of some dental hygiene.
After all that running Moose needed to cool down a bit.
And what better way than to catch some fountain water in your cap and wear it?!
We all enjoyed seeing the beautiful blossoms everywhere. The clivia were in full bloom.
And the perfume from the Easter lilies filled the air.
Look at that tulip! What a beauty!
The orchids were everywhere, displaying their awards so proudly.
Have you ever seen an orchid topiary? There were four of these "trees" inviting visitors to another wing of the conservatory.
Eventually we had to stop for some sustenance. The brownie was the happy ending to five big chicken tenders. I think Moose is having a growth spurt.
Leo had a snack too, thanks to Mommy. Can you believe all that cute chubby-ness is just from breastfeeding?! 
It was time for a visit to the treehouse.
Yep! It was up there in the treetops!
Oh this is a good day!!!
And just to prove that I really was there, here is the picture to prove it. Our family jokes that generations from now no one will know I existed because I always take the photos at family events and seldom get into them.
Well, it was a long two days of celebrating Moose's birthday so it was time we headed back home.
I would strongly suggest if you find yourself in the Pennsylvania/Delaware area that you take the time to visit Longwood Gardens. We didn't get to see much of the outdoor areas but what we did see was beautiful.