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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A Good Cup of Tea, Iced or Hot?

First things first, we have to warm Karin and the rest of us with a good hot cup of tea before we can get our fingers flying with those knitting needles.
Kathleen started another Gansy pullover which I'm sure you'll see finished next week. She's just that fast!
Here is the cute little lace cardigan from a couple of weeks ago. Such a lovely lacey pattern. But like me, Kathleen likes to knit top-down one piece garments which do not require assembling after the pieces are knit. So she thinks this might be the one and only of this pattern. Kathleen used a soft cotton yarn which makes a nice spring weight garment. Now all we need is spring!
Elaine is casting on for a lacy cardigan also. Look at those hands move!
Barb is working on a pair of gentleman's mittens to send to Afghans for Afghanistan project.
And even though our calendar says it's March we had yet ANOTHER storm, this one more ice than snow. It left behind the most beautiful "diamonds" twinkling in the trees.
Everything was encased in a layer of ice, which was not good news for the power line technicians.
But good news for camera buffs everywhere.
Hopefully we won't be dealing with this much longer.
And this weekend we get to turn our clocks ahead one hour so the daylight will last a little longer. That should help with everyone's cabin fever.

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AlisonH said...

Beautiful knitting, as always. And jewelry for the trees.