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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

We Never Get Tired of Knitting

Kathleen's two-tone Gansey Sweater is looking great. She is almost finished with the back, or is it the front?
Elaine offered to hold up one of the pieces so you could see how nice it looks. This is going to be very nice when is it fully assembled.
Beth was so generous to donate 10 skeins of sock yarn from which we will make baby sweaters, hats and socks. Thank you so much Beth!
Last Thursday I was knitting with my friends at our local Panera and one of them is almost finished with the pattern I designed called "Flirtatious" (available for sale here or you can email me, it's listed on the right side there, if you scroll down far enough).
Dorah is using Karin's hand dyed yarn with a touch of cashmere ( It is the most luscious yarn! And Dorah is doing a beautiful job.

I will be sure to get a photo of the finished shawl to show you.


AlisonH said...

It all looks soft and comforting and warming. Wonderful!

Karin said...

Great photos! And thank you for the link. :) I have been waiting for the weather to get better to finally take some pics of the lovely shawl you made me for sock summit. My back yard is still a bit flooded, so I can't get out there...yet.