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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

What Have We Here? And Partying With Moose

The afternoon ladies didn't get to see our new stash of sock yarn last week since it was an evening delivery, so the first thing we did was check it out for ideas.
The lovely colors had names like "Tourmaline" and "Sapphire" which made them all the more luscious.
Barbara showed us her finished baby hat and...
Sheila finished her Pelerine! She is now embarking on a pair of flat knitted mittens. We're proud of you Sheila!
Karin burned her thumb and has a terrible blister right where she guides the yarn up the needle, but it didn't seem to hinder her too much last night. Hope the thumb feels better today, Karin!
Beth found a pretty blue tweed yarn in her stash and is whipping up a pair of mittens for
A for A.
By the way, notice the beautiful sweater she is wearing. She made it! Isn't it gorgeous? I think she said the pattern is called "Rhinebeck".
This weekend DH and I helped Moose celebrate his 4th birthday.
His very talented mommy, my daughter, pulled out all the stops for his party. The cake looked so cute we hated to cut it. It's a good thing we did though. It was delicious!
There were five, four year old boys and one two year old invited to help Moose kick up his heels. And there were activities everywhere. Daddy Phil played football with some of the boys.
And then helped organize the "Pin the Football on the Player" game. Everybody won!
There was an obstacle course set up on the floor which Poppop tried to initiate....
But have you ever tried to herd cats? It's much easier than organizing four year old boys!
There was a football pinata which had everyone diving for goodies.
And then it was time to open gifts. Aunt Pam wanted to get a close look while Moose took the opportunity to take a breather.
Moose loved all his gifts. Notice the poor mom behind him. That should say it all!
It looks like this gift was a favorite!
Another favorite of his were the cupcakes Mommy made for his preschool party celebration. It just happened to be "Moose Day" on Moose's birthday. How appropriate was that?!
Yep! My Moose is getting to be quite a big boy now that he's four.
I'm glad I had the chance to help him mark the occasion!

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AlisonH said...

He's so cute! Happy Birthday, Moose!

(Okay, I have to laugh: my word verification word is boyofab.)