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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

I'm baaaaack! Sort of....

I've been out of commision since July 17 with a back injury which meant that I couldn't knit for all those weeks! It has been a long, slow recovery and I'm still not allowed to get back into my usual routine so you won't see much finished knitting from me. But my amazing Chicks have been hard at work in my absence! Take a look.

Liz used a very soft cotton yarn to make this lovely lace scarf. The blush color is so pretty. It will make an attractive addition to someone's wardrobe.
 Kathleen and Liz admired Liz's handiwork on this man's striped scarf.
 Kathleen used a soft wool for this man's vest.
 And her favorite pattern for a child's sweater got a good workout.
 Look at those cute little turtle buttons!
 Here is Liz's man's scarf and a pair of adult booties.
 The burgundy yarn is Cascade 220 and the charcoal stripe is Berroco Jasper.
 Kathleen was very busy over these last six weeks!
 Before I hurt my back I was very close to finishing my Fagus Shawl. I had only a few more rows to go. I was able to finish it this week, a little bit at a time. One row a day. Now it's done!
 Maureen finished her scarf. The pattern is reversible so it looks great on both sides.
 Now she is working on a Baby Sophisticate jacket for a friend's newborn.
 Beth used a Malabrigo merino yarn for her Amanda hat. The yarn shows off the colors of the yarn beautifully!
 Here are Beth's other finished items. That's the baby version of the Amanda hat in the middle. The blue scarf is from a class she took to learn how to crochet. Great job Beth!
I had to obtain this photo surreptitiously while Dorah wasn't looking. LOL! She is almost finished. Scarves seem to take forever!
I'm taking baby steps back to recovery so I'm hoping to be back to my normal knitting schedule soon. In the meantime, keep your needles clicking!

Thursday, August 8, 2013

On sabbatical

In my previous post I mentioned I would be taking time off to care for a family member facing a health crisis. Well, in the process of being a caregiver I have become the one who needs care. I twisted or pulled something which resulted in two of my vertebrae slipping out of alignment and pinching the spinal cord. It's been three weeks now and between the constant pain and lack of sleep, I've turned into one cranky gal. Add to that that I cannot knit to relieve the stress and boredom and you can imagine just how cranky! Thank goodness I remembered that I have access to library books from my iPad or daytime TV might really push me over the edge! 

My husband has been a blessing during this time. He takes time from his busy schedule to schlep me to the doctor multiple times a week and his cooking skills have improved immensely (not that he was incapable before this happened, it's just that his improvisational skills have improved). My knitting friends have also been a great help too.

My chiropractor is very optimistic that there is a light at the end of the tunnel and that I will make my way through this. I just wish he could tell me how long the freakin' tunnel is!!!

So I apologize for the long absence and dead air but hope you all will hang in there with me. In the words of The Terminator, "I'll be back!"