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Tuesday, October 9, 2018

This was almost written by a cat

This week's episode of the Chicks' blog was almost written by Joules the cat. Just as I prepared the photos, she decided to join in and brainstorm the layout. We didn't get too far though. Furry paws kept getting in the way. I guess the work was too strenuous as she is now napping...again!
 Three days ago I cast on for the Chevron Cowl using Periwinkle Sheep Merino DK in the colorway Memories of Summer. This is such a fun knit! The pattern is easy to memorize and easy to follow all the stitch cues. I placed markers between pattern repeats so if I get carried away or distracted and make a mistake, I'll see it almost immediately and won't have to frog a whole row.
 As I knitted the cowl I began to see a crown developing and got the bright idea that if I knitted a ribbing on the last rows of the chevron pattern and bound them off, I could then pick up stitches on the inside and knit a top to make a baby hat that looks like a queen's crown. The stitches are on the needle but I haven't knitted enough yet for it to show. I hope my vision turns out the way I'm picturing it.
 Liz put the finishing touches on her ribbed cowl this afternoon and added it too...
 another finished cowl and a sweet little baby hat. Today was her farewell visit as she heads off to her winter quarters soon.
 Elaine took a break from moving to join us so she could give Liz a send-off hug.
 Barbara started a hat to match her Palindrome Scarf (which Liz is holding in the background). The hat should knit up quickly since she doesn't have to make the cables reversible for a hat.
 Margaret finished her Ombre Hat and has enough yarn left to make...
 this hat. She just had to pick out a third color for the contrast section.
 Margaret is a fast knitter so this should be done in the blink of an eye.
 Maureen's Last Minute Cowl is coming down to the wire. The yarn she is using has great stitch definition which shows off the diagonal ribbing nicely.
 Believe it or not, this is not a bustier for a doll! LOL! Carole started the 1898 hat and this is the first earflap. I know, it doesn't look at all like a hat.
I understand we'll have one more summer like day and then the temps are to plummet to more seasonal numbers. I don't know about you, but I'm ready to wear my sweaters and shawls.
Have a great week and keep those needles clicking!

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Busy knitters

Debbie returned from her trip to Paris (where she had a wonderful time) with a bunch of FO's. This hat is knitted with worsted weight using a Gansey pattern. Or is it Guernsey? Maybe they're interchangeable.
 She started a hat but wasn't sure there would be enough yarn so it's become a headband. Some people don't like to wear a hat over their whole head so this is a good way to keep ears warm without messing the hairdo.
 She also made a pair of fingerless mitts to match the hat she dropped off a few weeks ago.
 Liz completed her Present Cowl with a variegated yarn. You'll see another one she started a little further down.
 Cinzia finished the vest with the Chevron back. The pattern shows up nicely.
 But the vest has an awkward shape so someone who is very thin will have to claim it.
 Carole volunteered to model it and it looks good on her.
 I finished a worsted weight 2 x 2 ribbed hat. This is a great pattern to knit up quickly. And it's easy to memorize too.
 Cinzia spent the afternoon working the ends in on the vest so she could leave it in the inventory.
 Liz started another cowl with the same yarn as her Present Cowl but it looks so different because she started this one with a different color and pattern.
 Barbara's Palindrome Scarf is pretty long. Almost finished!
 And Debbie started another cowl. Love the chambray color!
 Dorah started a hat tonight.
 This is the pattern which comes in multiple sizes from baby to adult.
 Carole's Helix Hat is at the point where she'll be decreasing stitches for the crown soon.
 Maureen's Last Minute Cowl is almost finished too.
 Margaret's Ombre Hat has started showing the dots of color that look like falling snowflakes.
 Do you remember the Rickroll Wrap from last week that I made for my friend Connie? My husband delivered it to her over the weekend.
 She studied the video tutorial on all the various ways it can be worn.
 And it fits her perfectly. More importantly, she loves it! And she even had a blouse that matched the green exactly.
I have the same yarns to make one for myself too. After I finish some WIPs on needles I'll start mine. long do you think it will take me to finish 7 projects?

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

We have hats!

Liz finished the Lamb's Pride Mohair and Wool hat and scarf set I showed you last week. We all love this raspberry purple color. And the yarn has a lovely halo of softness to it.
This lovely set will be a welcome addition to someone's wardrobe when the winter winds blow.
Margaret finished her oatmeal hat with the navy Fair Isle stitching at the border.
And Carole added her striped hat to the inventory too.
I needed to knit something quick since my other projects are time consuming scarves. This 1898 hat took only a couple of days to finish. The band portion around the ears is double thickness. No wind will be able to blow through that fabric!
Margaret started the Quick Ombre Hat with this pretty purple and...
this soft pastel tonal. Both yarns are Cascade 220 worsted weight.
Carole was inspired by my Helix hat to start one of her own. The technique is very clever. You never see the change in yarn colors, no jog where it changes, and single stripes that seamlessly run into each other. The yarns get a little tangled when you knit but you can always stop every so often and straighten them out.
Last May when I went to Arizona my friend, Connie, and I picked out the variegated yarn for a souvenir and I promised to knit whatever she wanted with it. The pattern she chose required two complimentary yarns which I picked out from Periwinkle Sheep.
I spent yesterday afternoon hand sewing the grosgrain ribbon on the button band and attaching the buttons with a little help from Joules.
And now Connie's Rickroll Wrap is completed.
I hope she likes it! It can be buttoned in different ways to be worn as a cowl or cape or poncho.
I'll be making one for myself too but not for a while yet. I already have too many WIP's on needles!
Have a great week. I hear the temps are supposed to cool down around here. I'm looking forward to that! I have some warm woolies to bring out of hibernation!

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Grey or gray?

I thought we were going to have the opportunity to knit on the deck since the heat wave finally broke but it's been raining for two days and even the cat's fur is frizzy! Who knew cats could have bad hair days? LOL! So we knitted indoors where it was comfortable.
I started a 2x2 ribbed hat which is gender neutral in Cascade 220 silver grey/gray. I never know which spelling to use. I looked it up and apparently either is correct. However, grey is the UK spelling while gray is the US spelling. Whatever! 
 Cinzia's vest is down to the last few inches of ribbing for the finished edge. She used Noro Silk Garden but even with the silk content, it's a little scratchy. Well, it's a vest so it will be worn over a shirt so it shouldn't be uncomfortable. Love those Noro colors!
 Liz is almost finished with her scarf made with Lamb's Pride mohair blend. She finished the hat but put it in her bag before I could photograph it. I think she had to weave in the ends first.
 Barbara's Palindrome scarf grew many inches since last we met. That royal purple color is rich! I believe it's also Cascade 220. We all agreed we like that one as a good all purpose worsted weight wool. It has nice stitch definition which is great for those reversible cables.
 Dorah reached the decrease portion of her 2x2 ribbed hat.
By evening's end she finished it and wove in the ends.
Maureen's Last Minute Cowl is bigger than last week and may well be on its way to completion.
Carole worked on her hat and decided to throw in some random stripes here and there.
I finished the purple hat from last week which was inspired by the pattern Wurm.
Do you ever get the answer to your question and you're sure you'll remember the answer later? Yeah, well...I can't remember the name of this hat pattern. Carol finished it to go with...
the "Swimming with Salmon" cowl. This is a lovely lace pattern which is free on Ravelry.
That's all for now. I hope everyone is safe from Hurricane Florence and pray it doesn't cause serious damage. See you next week!