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Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Delivery accomplished, time to start new cycle

Debbie, Liz, and I made our delivery to the Veterans and Housing Coalition in Ballston Spa today. We were warmly welcomed by Tonya and then we treated ourselves to a tasty lunch at the Whistling Kettle on Front Street in the heart of town. We got back home just in time for our afternoon knitting session.
Barbara started the day with her finished Country Rows shawl. The merino yarn is soft and warm and the colors so cheerful.
 Cinzia is nearing the last border rows of her vest and vowed never to knit it again. I told her she has my permission to burn the pattern when she's done. LOL! We think it was written by someone whose first language is not English. The strangely written directions are very difficult to follow and after reading Ravelry notes from other knitters who made it, we don't feel so bad about our lack of comprehension regarding the construction of this vest. I'm sure it will be beautiful when Cinzia finishes it.
 Liz had to stop working on her super bulky cowl because she ran out of yarn and the other skein was at home. With this super sized yarn and fat knitting needles this will be finished in no time.
 Barbara started a scarf and a few rows after this, she frogged the whole thing in favor of a totally different pattern. This one was a lace pattern that was giving her fits and my motto is, "If it's not fun, don't do it!" I can't wait to see what she knits instead.
 Debbie made lots of progress on the hat she started last week with the pretty red tweed yarn.
 And Dorah's 2X2 ribbed hat has grown a lot too. The ribbing is so elastic that this hat can fit any size from child to adult.
 Last week I sent a link to a video tutorial on how to weave in ends of yarn as you knit because Margaret was kvetching over having to weave in so many ends when she had finished her striped hat. This week she thanked me because she has mastered the technique and she enjoys knitting stripes now.
 Carole is amused by the pattern which is emerging from the short color bursts in the yarn she's using. She thinks it was a skein of Malabrigo. I love the purple and green combo.
 Maureen is making another Squarshy hat. It sure is a popular pattern with my Chicks!
 We have a finished scarf and...
 another Squarshy hat to add to the inventory.
I didn't take any photos of my knitting because it's a scarf so it still looks the same as it did last week. Maybe by next week it will be finished and I can start something new. I feel a bit of startitis coming on. Watch out!

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Wrapping up another donation

The afternoon knitters labeled and the evening knitters inventoried our donations to ready them for delivery. We counted 24 hats, 24 cowls, 6 scarves, 3 pairs of socks, 1 headband, and 1 lap robe. I have to thank Elaine's granddaughter, Alex, for helping too. She was very patient, for a 9 year old, and agreed to hang around long enough to add labels to our knits. These will be going to the homeless women veterans some time next week.
 After our labeling duties were completed Barbara got to work on her shawl, which is almost finished. Liz added stitches to her cowl and...
 Debbie worked on her hat.
 This evening Beth needed a model to try on the wrap she was making to see if it was long enough to begin the decreases toward the end. Carole was kind enough to "volunteer" her services. ;)
 Margaret performed that hated chore of weaving in the ends on her completed hat and Dorah continued on her 2X2 ribbed hat. I found a video tutorial that shows how to weave the ends in as you knit so Margaret doesn't have to toil over all those wretched ends again.
 My Mistake Stitch tweed scarf seems to be taking forever. In the grand scheme of things, I know it's not really but it feels like it is.
 Margaret showed us her next project and...
 has already cast on for the double thick brim.
 Carole brought a finished hat for our next project which is the Capt. John McKenna IV Military Courtesy Room at the Albany International Airport. It is a place of comfort and rest for traveling military personnel and their families. We will stock their inventory with items for warmth and caring.
 And here is Margaret's hat after all those crazy ends have been woven in.
 The grands visited last week so my oldest could take his annual golf lessons. Since we can't travel to their home in time for the younger one's 7th birthday, we got him a football cake to celebrate. He was thrilled and ...
 we all enjoyed the delicious chocolate-chocolate chip cake with cream cheese icing.
Now it's back to my salads and lean chicken!
Have a great week and keep those needles clicking!

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Let's try this again

This has been a crazy summer...first I hurt my back and then I had a doozy of a head cold that put me totally out of commission. I am praying it's all over and I can get back on track with my Chicks.
We start this week with show and tell of many nice items finished for our new recipient, The Military Courtesy Room at the Albany International Airport. We will be knitting items to stock the room for military personnel and their families who are traveling through Albany. Our first hat is from the needles of Elaine. A warm woolly hat will be needed during the winters around here.
Next up is the Polish cap I made with Cascade 220 yarn. This was a free pattern which was written in Polish with a Youtube video tutorial link. I watched the video multiple times until I could write down the details so I could make the hat. I offered the designer my English translation but she thanked me and never followed up. Oh well... I have it if anyone wants it.
Liz added a bright blue cowl to the collection, also a warm wool fabric.
Beth's daughter had some finished pieces which were in storage and she no longer had a use for them so she donated to our cause. The lovely round lap robe is crocheted and the two pairs of socks are knitted.
Also in the group of giveaways was this bright pink cowl. This will be a fashionable addition to someone's wardrobe.
Another Squarshy hat....
and another. Can you tell the Chicks really like this pattern? LOL!
Here is another from Beth's daughter. I'll bet this didn't take long to knit with this bulky weight yarn.
We had a full house this afternoon. Cinzia is back from all her summer travels. She would have finished this vest before she went away, however, the instructions were about as clear as mud! I did a little investigating on the page notes of other Ravelry knitters who also made this vest and discovered that the pattern was written in such a manner that many knitters were confused. So it wasn't just us! One of the knitters contacted the designer and put the correction and clarification in her notes which helped Cinzia continue with the project. Thank goodness for Ravelry!!!
Elaine is making another hat with this nice neutral color.
Liz was knitting a top down baby cardigan and put it down for just enough time to forget how to continue with it. So between the six of us, we figured it out and got her back on track.
Barbara continues to knit on her Country Rows shawl. Those bright colors are sure to bring cheer.
Debbie picked out some pretty red tweed yarn to make a hat and had to search through Ravelry for a pattern so she could get started.
I found a video on Youtube about Helix knitting and decided to give it a go. I took three colors that wouldn't necessarily go together but it's turning out quite nice. My imagination sees a stocking cap with a long point, ending with a small red pompom. Time will tell.
Joules kept the seat warm for the evening knitters. Yes, she is still here but I got a text from her Daddy last night which said her vacation with us might soon be ending as the home renovations are almost complete. She and I had a good long cry after reading that.
Margaret just cast on for a hat. And Dorah was about to make...
this lovely hat but she chose a self striping yarn which might interfere with the knitted design so...
Plan B will be a 2X2 ribbed hat, quick and easy.
Beth is completing a shawl which her daughter started and put into time out then decided to donate to the Chicks. The yarn is a deep charcoal color with a silver thread. It would make a nice wrap for a fancy affair or if you just feel like dressing up!
It feels good to be back and I hope I stay in the swing of things. Enjoy your week and
keep those needles clicking!

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

See you next week

A fierce summer cold has put me out of commission for almost two weeks but I’m on the mend now. The blog will be back next week.

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Another hot day for knitting

It was another miserably hot day here today so we opted to stay indoors where the AC keeps us comfortable.
Barbara and Debbie were my only Chicks this afternoon but they were busy. Barbara's Country Rows scarf has grown by leaps and bounds and the ball of yarn is showing signs of shrinking. Debbie learned a new cast on technique for the hat she is knitting and here she had to refer back to the YouTube video to make sure she performed the steps correctly.
 Maureen's Squarshy Hat is a few inches longer than last week.
 Margaret started another Squarshy hat because....
 she finished the one she was working on last week.
 Beth is back from her vacation to Scotland and a day at Wimbledon (which she said was wonderful). She brought a few finished objects with her tonight. This lovely stranded cowl is as soft as a cloud.
 Her socks are self striping yarn. I love the pattern they make.
 She also added a reversible stripes scarf...vertical stripes on one side and horizontal on the other.
 Beth started a baby soft alpaca hat, also the Squarshy hat.
 I'm almost finished with a Fisherman's Rib cowl using a reversible brioche stitch. The yarn is Debbie Bliss Rialto, a soft, superwash merino.
 Because it's superwash yarn it won't felt which makes it difficult join a new ball of yarn. So I had to separate the end of the strand into equal parts and braid one strand from the old ball of yarn to the separated two strands of the new ball of yarn. It makes a very neat join which is the same thickness as the original yarn. I'm still confused about how that happens but hey! It works!
See you next week. In the meantime, keep those needles clicking.