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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Keeping warm on a cold day in upstate NY

I thought February was supposed to bring a little thaw tease to let us feel the preview to spring. It hasn't happened so far! Woke up to 3 degrees this morning. Well, thanks to Liz, some lucky baby will be warm and in the cutest style too. Check out these little sacks she made to match the sweaters and hats. Aren't they the cutest?
These little owls just make it so sweet. I can almost see a sleepy face peeking out of the top.
Kathleen made another "Baby Sophisticate" cardigan. She puts me to shame!
Kathleen is onto her next project already, a Gansey pullover. But she was running low on yarn. Luckily, we still had a skein or two of the same dye lot.
Pat, Kathleen's daughter, came up from downstate for a visit this week. We always love to see what she has on her needles.
She is making a lace cami with the softest apple green yarn.
Sheila is making good progress on her Pelerine and is thinking about what her next project will be.
Something must have tickled Elaine's funny bone! I love how she laughs. It's so contagious!
On to the evening session....
Cathy made progress on the baby blanket she started last week.
Maureen reached the length of the instep on the sock she is knitting.
And I started the seventh skein of yarn on the ruffled scarf/shawl I'm making. I think one or two more should do it.
Beth is working on the baby sweater she also started last week. Should be done soon.
As cold as it was outside last night, we were nice and cozy by the fire.
How could you ask for a better time than that?


AlisonH said...

Just so lovely--and I am running off to do a hunt for that baby sophisticate pattern!

Mary said...

Just found your web site. I knit booties for Birthright and was looking for a new pattern. I'm going to try Christine's baby booties. Thank you!