Your greatness is not what you have, it's what you give.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Building Inventory

Sheila is showing such progress that we convinced her to start a project for donation. She is working on a denim cotton yarn "Mistake Scarf" and is doing a great job.
Kathleen finished her reversible stripes scarf and decided to start another one.
Barbara wore her handmade poncho and the Chicks admired her handiwork. This was the redux since she wasn't happy with the first version and decided to frog it and start over.
She was very busy and brought a few finished items this week.
She's looking for buttons to make a closure for her blue shawl.
Elaine finished a windowpane hoodie....
and a nice warm hat.
I finally finished the Noro sock yarn shawl and added a pair of mittens and matching hat to the inventory.
Last minute addition was my DK weight child's hat using self patterning yarn.

On a totally unrelated note, my favorite Japanese Threadleaf Maple tree was damaged in the most recent snowstorm up here in the Capital District. I am heartbroken. This tree was a Mother's Day gift to me when my children were 3 years old and 5 months old, so that makes it almost 26 years old. The weather made the trunk split right down the middle so I'm thinking I am going to have to go tree shopping this spring.
On the bright side, at least it wasn't one of the big trees in my yard that split. That would have landed on my house! Thank God for little favors!!!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Handmade Gifts from the Heart

Last Tuesday we were discussing handmade gifts that were lovingly made for us by our friends and relatives. Sheila told us about two afghans she had and still used that were made for her and her husband, Frank.
Thirty seven years ago the grandmother of their best man hand crocheted this afghan for Sheila's and Frank's wedding gift. I'm sure it holds many happy memories...
As does this fifteen year old, hand crocheted afghan from Frank's mother. Both of these afghans have held up beautifully over the years. I think that speaks of their high quality of workmanship.
Kathleen did not arrive empty handed this week either. But then again, she never does! To add to our inventory she made a chenille scarf/wrap (depending on how one wants to use it).
She also finished the lace scarf on which she was working these last few weeks. This one uses a blend of merino, cashmere, and microfiber yarn that is soft as a cloud.
To round out the collection, Kathleen made another hat using the free pattern from our local newspaper. She said she can whip one of these out in an evening.
Sheila offered to model the last of the "free hat pattern" hats which Kathleen also made this past week. Looks good with her vest!
Elaine finished the Gansey Sweater which turned out beautiful too.
Check out the details of the pattern. Isn't that sweet?
Maureen is working on another chulo hat from the free pattern site connected to Berroco Yarns. It's called Tympany and you can find it here:

This weekend my family came up for a visit so we could celebrate my sister's birthday together. Ordinarily, DH and I would have gone to visit her but he just had knee surgery and didn't think a four hour round trip car ride would be a good idea under the circumstances. So here she is after blowing out all her candles to celebrate her "mumblemumble" birthday. Let's just say that when recently (like two weeks ago) she tried to buy a six pack, the cashier asked to see her ID and she started cracking up thinking it was a joke. She immediately found out it wasn't when the cashier called the manager to her register. My sister meanwhile is trying to impress upon this "young whippersnapper" that she's old enough to be her mother and the mother of the manager as well! Weren't they red-faced when they looked at the date on the license and found out she's more than qualified to buy her own beer. ROFL!!! Sister floated through the rest of her day!
Darwin offered to model the reversible stripes scarf I made for a warm birthday gift.
My sister loved the scarf and can't wait to confuse her friends with the stripes.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Hey! Is it Christmas already?

This week was the first time the Chicks got a chance to see all the wonderful yarn that Stephanie donated for our use. Kathleen was as giddy as a kid on Christmas morning. Ideas were really flowing about what to knit next.
Elaine was sorting through to find a favorite and Sheila checked out some lovely fibers for a possible future project. She's practicing knitting and purling in the same row for now, but as a complete novice, she is making great strides.
Kathleen finished a hat using a free pattern that she found in our local newspaper.
And Barbara, on the left, made a quilt with some scraps she had laying around from her days of quilt making. She is donating the quilt to The Linus Project and her husband helped with a Habitat for Humanity build and in return they will get to spend a day at DisneyWorld in Florida.
Maureen is thrilled to finally have finished her reversible stripes scarf.
And even finished her red neckerchief that was featured last week.
Joyce is choosing a pattern for a top down child's cardigan. Now she has to decide which yarn to use.
I finished my sister's birthday scarf and now it's back to the needles to finish some donation projects. I have already started a shawl and a scarf but had to put them aside to work on the b'day gift. But I'm free and clear to knit them now, unless I decide to knit something for Moose's birthday next month. Hmm....

Sunday, February 7, 2010

A Day Out With The Ladies and NO You can't have a dog!

Yesterday, Feb. 6th was the day we Chicks used our Panera gift cards to meet for a snack and blend the two groups. I love it when the afternoon ladies can meet up with the evening group. We have such a good time catching up on news and comparing projects.
Left to right: Judy is working on a child's pullover sweater, I'm making my sister's birthday gift (better hurry, she'll be here next Saturday) Barbara is making a man's hat and Kathleen is working on a pretty peach lace scarf. We all talked so much and had so much fun that we spent as much time tinking as knitting!
Left to right: Kathleen with her scarf, Joyce with her scarf, and Sheila feeling a little overwhelmed at having to knit while she talks. Join the club Sheila! None of us can talk and knit without making mistakes.
Elaine was smart she kept checking her chart to make sure she was on the right track.
A nice customer offered to take a group photo for us. Left to right: Judy, Jody, Barbara, Kathleen, Sheila, Joyce, and Elaine.
We'll have to work in a few more of these combined group get-togethers throughout the year. It was tons of fun!
Last night I get this email from my son who was out for dinner and stopped in at the pet store to sight see. All the email said was "PLEEEEEEEZZZZEEE!"

Isn't he cute?! The dog's not bad either! LOL!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

"Speedy Gonzales" better known as Kathleen has done it again! She finished the blue cardigan that was featured last week and to that added a blanket, mittens and a baby hat.
And Kathleen's daughter, Pat, came from downstate for a visit. We always love to see what Pat is up to in her knitting basket. There's that gorgeous sweater vest she made last year. She and Elaine were checking out the newest knitting book in the Chicks' library.
I'm finally catching up with Christmas gift photos. My Mom proudly sports the infinity scarf I made for her using Karin's handdyed sock yarn. Love that raspberry color!
My sister, Jamie, picked out her yarn for this Bird's Nest Smoke Ring and loved the results.
And my Dad says these mittens I made for him keep his fingers nice and warm. I used Karin's hand dyed Black Walnut sock yarn.
I'm feeling a little guilty because I went to Wool n' Word to pick up some yarn that Stephanie was gracious to donate to the Chicks stash and while there I saw a few more skeins of yarn that I just HAD to buy! On the sensible side, I am making a birthday gift with four of the skeins and a sweater set for the new baby expected in July. So see! There's no need for me to feel sad. OK! I'm over that now! LOL!