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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Labeling Day

Today was labeling day. We attached washing instructions and our Chicks label to everything and then inventoried all the items to be delivered to the La Salle School in Albany. We enjoyed sorting through everything once again before sending them off to their new homes.
 It's fun to see all the knitting we did and remember our experiences making them.
 I finished this reversible stripes scarf just in the nick of time to get it into this quarter's donation.
 We had a lovely collections of neck wear...
 hats, vests, a blanket...
 sets of warm mittens and hats and scarves and sweaters and...
 cozy mittens. 
 Dorah finished her Wingspan shawl/scarf. 
 And here is the hat Beth started last Tuesday and finished already.
 Now Beth is taking a class in crochet. She has decided to learn something new and this is her first attempt at crochet. It looks pretty good for a first timer.
 Last week you saw the baby sweater Carole started and here she shows the progress she made. It's going to be so cute.
Thank you Chicks for wrapping up another great donation. I couldn't do it without you!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Warm heads

I needed a quick knit last week because I was bored excited about trying something new. Kathleen made this headband earwarmer last week and I was fascinated with the cables, not having done them in a long time. I tried doing them without a cable needle but finally decided it would go much faster if I just broke down and used the thing! For those of you who are Ravelry members you can get the pattern for the Julia Cabled Headband for free.
This is Carole's hat that she worked on last week. All finished and looking handsome! I think she said it was a Tin Can Knits pattern with the antler stitch for the design.
And Beth finished the hat she worked on last week too.
This week Beth started a striped hat. We can't figure out if it's a bumblebee or a Pittsburgh Steelers hat.
Carole worked on the beginning of a baby sweater. It's a top-down cardigan using Debbie Bliss Cashmerino... so soft!
Dorah's Wingspan has grown quickly. I saw it when she started it on Saturday and it has grown considerably since then. At this rate she will have it finished in no time.
She is almost finished with her hat too. I think the yarn has some baby alpaca fiber because it is as soft as a cloud.
Our weather here in the Northeast has been frigid lately...
 but my orchids didn't seem to get that memo. So here are some pretty pictures to brighten your day.

This is why I love having orchids. Even on the coldest winter day I have beautiful blossoms to remind me spring is not too far away!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Finished Freebies

Last Tuesday I started this cowl from a free pattern on Ravelry. It's called Colour Cowl and I used three skeins of Jojoland Rhythm for a total of 330 yards of yarn. It's a simple 2X2 ribbing so it was a good TV knit.
Barbara is just about finished with her baby blanket/lap robe. She used two Plymouth yarns that both look like a tweed. It's very cozy.
Kathleen finished a bunch of items this week. From the upper left corner going clockwise: a scarf and matching mittens, a cozy pair of slipper socks, the crocodile stitch crocheted headband/neck warmer, and a beautifully cabled headband. The free pattern is available on Ravelry.
Today Kathleen started a man's hat. At one point she stopped to calculate that the top alone has over 1,000 stitches. I try to avoid counting how many stitches will make an item. It gets a bit discouraging when you figure you're making fabric one single stitch at a time! LOL!
Dorah started this hat tonight. No more long, endless scarves in her future!
Carole finished the hat she started last week....
And this week started this one.
I am sure it will be here next week finished and looking great.
I hope you have a great week and a happy Valentine's Day on Thursday. Wishing you love!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Four down, more to go

We have some pretty nice FO's to show off tonight. Carole's infinity scarf looks lacy since she blocked it. 
 Now she is working on a man's hat to add to this current inventory. We are all inspired to knit frilly or lacy women's items but it isn't as easy to be inspired to knit men's items. It's a trap I fall into all the time.
 Dorah finished her never-ending blue scarf and it is beautiful!
 We all had a good laugh at Beth's glass head! She found it at Pier 1 and bought it for a Christmas gift that she shares with her daughter. Her idea was to use it to block hats she knitted.
 It works very well! Now we have to think of a name for her. We should make her our mascot! LOL!
 I started the Mistake Stitch scarf at the end of last week's group and finished it tonight. It's about five feet long and will serve as a gender neutral scarf. The pattern is very easy. Cast on a number of stitches which are a multiple of four and add one at the end. Knit 2, purl 2 to the last stitch and then knit 1. Turn and continue this row to desired length. It's a great TV project which doesn't require your undivided attention.
 Maureen started another project tonight but it's now the start of her busy season at work (she's an accountant) so we won't be seeing her on Tuesday nights until after April 15th.
I hate to wish my days away but I hope the time flies. We're going to miss you Maureen. You'll have to read the blog to keep up with us!