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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Chicks Get-Together at Panera

We Chicks met on Sunday at Panera for a treat and a chance for the afternoon ladies to meet with the evening ladies. We had a lovely visit with each other and some tasty treats too.
The ladies talked me into sitting with Beth for a picture since I seldom get in a photo. Someone has to be the photograher!
Today we started with a little conversation and show and tell.
Liz tried on her Mistake Rib Scarf to see if it was long enough. She's going to make a matching hat.
Barbara finished the cable ribbed hat and has started matching mittens.
Deeva is almost finished with her burgundy scarf.
And Kathleen started a cotton and wool blend scarf that feels cozy warm.
She finished a Shawl Collared Cowl using Lion Brand Homespun. All it needs is buttons.
She also finished the white baby blanket from last week.
Such a sweet simple pattern.
Beth finished her mittens and started a matching hat tonight.
And Maureen is back to the reversible stripes scarf.

I finished a scarf for a friend who is battling cancer. It's going out in the mail tomorrow.

(What's with the underline? I can't make it go away!)

We have a profusion of freshly opened orchids around here today. I love the soft pink with the contrasting center of this one. She's such a feminine little pixie, only about two inches wide.
The tall one in the back is my son's plant. It's a Brassia Hybrid which an orchid expert told him he would never be able to get to bloom. Surprise!
It's called a spider something or other.
And it has a softly sweet perfume that reminds me of a florist shop.
I have a few more orchids in bud so in the next few weeks we'll be seeing more blossoms.

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AlisonH said...

There's going to be a happy baby wrapped up in love...