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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A Day on the Deck

Barbara finished the cardigan and had to switch to DP's for the end of the sleeves. Remember a couple of weeks ago she was knitting both sleeves at the same time using a magic loop technique. But as the sleeves grew in length, the yarn tangled furiously so she had to move to DP's to preserve sanity.
The sweater turned out great and will be appropriate for either a boy or a girl.
Now she's working on a cable hat. Kathleen admired the texture of the fabric.
Every four rows there are cables all around the hat. It's really cute.
Liz finished off her sweater with I-cord ties.
A perfect alternative for buttons.
Deeva is working on a lady's hat.
Karin is almost finished with a cardigan for a boy. Tonight she was taking a vote on what neckline to make. There was an overwhelming vote for the crew neck.
Maureen's joint project with her daughter Cate is almost finished. Sailboats and rope, so cute.
Beth is in the home stretch of her Daybreak Shawl and almost out of yarn. I think she will just squeak by to the end.
She finished this cute striped hat and already made a mitten tonight.
The twins are a result of my friend Dorah's and my knitting.
But can you tell me why buttons come only 2 to a card when you need 3 and 4 to a card when you need 5?

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AlisonH said...

I say buttons should never come in twos. The eye is pleased with odd numbers, when the numbers present in a small enough visual field to be subconsciously counted: three inherently feels right, two inherently feels wrong on most things.

Same thing with, say, photography: if you can divide the picture into threes, it feels like a better picture than if the focus of the picture comes in halves.