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Friday, June 10, 2011

Dorah's Flirtatious

Last night was knit night at the local Panera restaurant. A bunch of my knitting friends meet monthly to grab the only long table in the place and delightfully knit away for a couple of hours. It's fun to watch the other patrons steal glances our way as all our needles fly through the air, catching yarn on the way to make beautiful fabrics and garments. Sometimes a brave soul will venture over to ask about the group and admire our handiwork. Last night the manager wanted to know if we could knit him a set of golf club covers! LOL! I think after years of hanging out there once a month he is getting to know us. Maybe we should knit him something. Hmmm...
Anyway, another one of my original design shawls made her debut. This one was knitted by my friend Dorah. She used Karin's Periwinkle Sheep hand dyed yarn in a pretty soft blue that would look great with jeans.
It's such fun to see her in different yarns. I hear another is finished and will make her debut next month, maybe.
Dorah donated this pattern to the Chicks' library....
And the finished cowl! It just needs some buttons and it will be ready to go into inventory. I'm so excited to add this to our inventory because our next recipient will be the Guardian House in Ballston Spa, New York. It is a newly established home for returning female veterans who find themselves homeless. It will have a maximum of eleven residents at one time and we get to knit for them!
Thank you Dorah for getting the ball rolling with our first donation to the brave heroines who protect us all!

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AlisonH said...

Karin does nice work, as do you all.