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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

There's a new Chick in town!

Today was a special day. We welcomed Deeva Rosenzweig into the flock. Her daughter, Dorah, was the knitter featured with the Flirtatious shawl last week and the week before. We are very happy to have another knitter to help with our inventory building.
Barbara finished the red and grey cardigan but it needs buttons so maybe we'll see it next week. She will be working on a pretty cabled hat for the next project but first check out the pattern for supplies.
Kathleen is about three quarters through the white baby blanket and will probably have it finished by next week.
Beth dropped off a cute pair of booties last week to add to the inventory for the USCRI, the organization which helps refugees and imigrants settle into their new home.
Also going into inventory are three sweaters I finished a little while ago but they finally got their buttons. This first sweater used two skeins, about 400 yards of sock yarn and there was plenty left for the hat.
The red buttons matched the yarn perfectly.
This sweater was made with an alpaca and bamboo blend yarn that practically floats on its own. It's so soft!
Don't you just love these buttons? Robena has the best buttons!
This little jacket was made in modular sections which are sewn together. It is also made using sock yarn.
Robena's buttons again.
And this last project will never see the light of day. I decided to make myself a top down summer sweater using a bamboo and acrylic blend yarn. I love top down sweaters because you can try them on as you go along and know that the finished product is going to fit. And this was perfect....the first time. The second time I thought it seemed as though I might have lost weight. Am I seeing things? Every other piece of clothing I own fit the same. Well, much to my dismay, the sweater was stretching like Silly Putty every time I put it on! Needless to say, it got frogged and the yarn is in exile until I'm darn good and ready to forgive it. It might become a scarf or something.
That will teach me to buy cheap yarn!


Karin said...

Your knitting is just perfect. Even if the yarn sometimes isn't!

AlisonH said...

When I need baby knitting inspiration I know I can always find it here. Thank you!