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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Wrapping Up

We started out catching up on the news about all the grandchildren's activities. Liz and Kathleen share grandchildren and there was a big game this weekend that dominated the conversation. It must have been a doozy.
Then Kathleen started pulling out all the items she knitted this week. This is the scarf she was working on last Tuesday. Done!
Two cabled hats like the one Barbara made. Done!
Buttons on the shawl collared cowl. Done!
And nice buttons at that. I'm going to have to start a button box for myself. Kathleen always comes up with the best buttons from hers.
Deeva is down to the last few rows of her scarf and Liz is almost halfway through hers.
Beth finished a hat to go with the mittens from last time.
And then we attached our labels to the goods to be given next week.
Four large bags were filled with such nice things. There were two pairs of mittens, 15 baby hats, and 3 adult hats.
In the sweater department there were 14 baby sweaters and 5 more with matching hats. Liz made two baby sacs with matching caps. We counted two blankets, booties, baby mittens, a vest, a capelet, 1 shawl, a child's pullover and a cardigan.
These are the items which will go to USCRI or the US Committee for Refugees and Immigrants.
Check out next week's blog for the report on the delivery and our luncheon afterwards.


LisaCinFL said...

I really like Beth's hat! What pattern did she use for that?

AlisonH said...

WOW you guys are good! Like at all those! And they're beautiful!