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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Moose and Friends

In my email today were some photos of Moose at his local farmers' market in Pennsylvania. He called to tell me he visited the eagles. I thought he meant the football team until my daughter told be about a pet rescue group that was visiting the market with their rescued parrots. BOY! They are beautiful! This Moluccan Cockatoo behaved very nicely while Moose introduced himself.
He got a kick out of the Umbrella Cockatoo (or is it a Sulfur Crested?) who whistled for him, but was sure to keep his distance.
Then when he was appropriately introduced he decided to have a kiss! I wouldn't have tried this! Those birds can crack open Brazil nuts with those beaks!
Soon it was time to say goodbye to his new bird buddies.

Moose is coming up for a visit this coming weekend. I can't wait to see him again and hear all about the "Eagles"!

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LisaC said...

Oh, my goodness, where did the baby go? He looks like such a big boy! And I am loving those curls.