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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

An Update with the Chicks

Maureen finished her first Chullo Peruvian hat made with Berroco sock yarn, using the pattern called "Tympany" from the Berroco site. The colors are lovely together. Now she's all psyched up to make another.

Kathleen had an afghan that she made over the winter and didn't like the way it blocked out. She decided to frog the whole thing and make something new. She is, as are the rest of us Chicks, very happy with the resulting Feather and Fan Afghan.
Barbara and Elaine have done their gauge swatches for the helmet liners and have started knitting them. I'm feeling so inspired by them that I may have to put aside my current project and join them.
I finished the baby version of the "Tympany" and my daughter's childhood babydoll, Susan, graciously agreed to model it for a photo.
It's an exact replica of the original adult size but made to fit about a 12 month old.
I have some real pretty sock yarns in my stash so you might be seeing a few more of these hats before the year is over. Right now I'm going to go knit a swatch for gauge. Wish me luck!

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