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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A very "Inventive" Chick!

I have to admit I'm pretty lucky to have this group of talented knitters in "The Chicks" and to prove how talented and inventive they are Liz showed us her handmade DP's. She lost one of her size 10.5 DP's and decided to take her needle gauge to Lowe's Lumber Yard to see what she could find. After trying a few dowel rods in the needle gauge, she chose the one that fit her needs and even picked out a couple of other sizes as well, took them home, cut them down to the length she needed and then ran the ends through an old fashioned pencil sharpener with the hand crank. When the points were to her liking, Liz used sandpaper to smooth everything so the needles wouldn't catch the yarn and then polished them all with Butcher's wax. These turned out every bit as good as the ones you buy at a yarn shop. So ladies, our next yarn crawl just might include a stop at Lowe's!
Liz also showed us her finished cape for the St. Margaret's donation. She used Plymouth Encore Purple and Colorspun. So sweet!
Here is Liz again, hunting through a bag of recently donated yarn for inspiration for her next project.
Elaine and I posed for the final shot of her pink poncho because we made it a joint project. She was running out of yarn to finish the rolled neckline and asked if I would crochet an edge which would not require as much yarn as the original collar. I gave it a backwards SC which made a sweet little picot edge and there was even a few yards of yarn left over.
Judy was back from her beach house and searching her I-phone trying to find the photo of the cute little hat her daughter knitted.
And you can tell by the cheerful expression on Maureen's face that she is finally finished with the interminably long stockinette poncho!

Good job, Maureen! It turned out great! Thanks!

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AlisonH said...

Friends and giving knitting gifts. What a perfect summer day.