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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Wrapping up projects and starting new ones

The afternoon Chicks have started our next project, helmet liners to send to active duty military personnel. Liz and Kathleen are discussing gauge swatches and what needles to use. Liz started her swatch and Kathleen is working on her second helmet. They are both using a soft brown wool from Dale of Norway.
Barbara worked the first six inches of neckline and is picking up stitches for the cap portion.
Cascade wool is her yarn of choice.
Here are the three "Wooly Pulleys" that we've finished so far. The center one was made by Kathleen with the brown yarn. The black and grey helmet liners were knitted with Cascade 220 Superwashed wool.
Karen popped in right before we finished up for the day to show us her first knitted afghan. It's going to be a gift and we wanted to see it before she presented it. Karen is the "Crochet Queen" and we've all been encouraging her to get back to knitting. I think she proved our point that she can do a beautiful job!

The pattern is a favorite of ours, the Feather and Fan and Karen used an acrylic yarn.
Judy is wrapping up the poncho project and we'll be making delivery to St. Margaret's this month.
Maureen is nearing the decreasing portion of her helmet liner. These patterns worked up very quickly and with no complications. If you would like to make some of your own to donate, this pattern and patterns for a neck gator, scarf, and neck cooler are available at

I'm all out of yarn to make some more helmet liners. I think I'll take a run up to the store and pick up enough to make a few more.

In the meantime, keep those needles clicking!


AlisonH said...

"All out of yarn." Wow. No STABLE?

Karin said...

You guys are BUSY! Wow. And kudos to Karen, nice job on the afghan!!