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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A Drive in New England, Two FOs, and a WIP

Saturday night DH and I had reservations for dinner in Manchester, VT at a nice little place called "The Perfect Wife". He was able to place the winning bid for the dinner at an auction so we had a full course, delicious meal for about $50.00 plus gratuities. It was well worth the drive.

We were going to go to see the Georgia O'Keefe exhibit at the Clark Art Institute
( in Williamstown, MA earlier in the day but we couldn't find a parking space in the lot and figured the museum would be so mobbed we might not get to enjoy the exhibit. On to plan B...

Take a leisurely drive up Route 7 and enjoy the scenery on the way to Manchester. It just so happens they were having the annual sidewalk sale at the outlets. Can we say "Bingo!"?

How about a $200 cashmere sweater for DH for $29? Yes, I said twenty-nine dollars!!! It was worth the trip! Not to mention the three skeins of handspun, baby blue alpaca I managed to find at half price. When that project is finished I'll post photos. In the meantime....

I finished the ruffled shawl with the hand dyed wool. When I found this yarn I immediately pictured a femininely ruffled shawl that would go perfectly well with a dress or jeans. I made the shawl with your typical triangular shawl formula, threw in three rows of yarnovers for a little interest, and finished it off with a 4 inch deep ruffle from Nicky Epstein's book "Knitting on the Edge"

I love the way it turned out and it's nice and wide, just the way I like a shawl to be. I must admit I knitted the last few inches holding my breath because I knew I wouldn't be able to get anymore of this yarn. Just in case I ran out before the end, I ran a lifeline along the edge to stop me from frogging too far back.

And this is how much yarn was left over after that long, ruffly, picot bind off. Just the ruffle alone took a whole skein of yarn!
This week's "Work in Progress" is from Liz. She's working on another Feather and Fan afghan. The pretty yellow brings to mind a fuzzy baby chick.

Elaine finished a baby sweater for her granddaughter. Isn't it sweet with those darling tulips delicately gracing the edge?

My finished object this week is another Chula hat to be donated with our ponchos to St. Margaret's Center.

The yarn is Online Supersock and I have enough left to make a baby version.

Some of the Chicks have started their gauge swatches for our next project, the helmet liners. Maybe we'll have something to show you next week. Until then, keep those needles clicking!

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AlisonH said...

Those landscapes were making me terribly homesick for Back East, and then the knitting! Gorgeous!