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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Our first day on the deck!

It was 92 degrees on my deck this week but Barbara, Elaine, and Karen all decided it was high time we knitted outside. We were all tired of indoor activities and the weather was certainly cooperating, almost too well. Even with the overhead fan we were "glistening" a bit (Ladies don't sweat, we "glisten"). LOL!
The "Crochet Queen" was busy as a bee. Karen arrived with nine bags filled with her crocheted baby blankets for Parsons.
She included with the blankets, matching onesies and some infant rattles and toys.
Sharing scissors and tape measures is always a good thing!

It was a glorious first day of the season on the deck. We're looking forward to many more.
On another note (no pun intended) my Amanda has started a new blog
She and her husband are members of the contemporary worship band at their church and she is blogging about it. BTW, she took the portraits. I'm soooo proud!

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All hands on deck!