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Friday, April 3, 2009

Knit Night at our local Panera

Every first Thursday of the month a bunch of knit nuts get together at the Glenmont Panera for some knitting fun. When we arrive the first order of business is to check out what's new since we last met. Dina made this lovely leaf lace scarf and the yarn feels heavenly.

Pat is checking out Beth's sweater so she was busy, but Gretchen and Iryth took a second to look up from their knitting to smile for the camera. Gretchen is working on a block for an afghan and Iryth is making the adult February Lady Sweater based on a child's pattern from Elizabeth Zimmerman.

Beth is showing her beautiful Aran cardigan to Karin and Pat and Kathy is discussing the techniques of her February Lady sweater.

This closeup shows the beautiful stitches in Beth's cardigan. It almost makes me want to make one for myself.

Kathy's February Lady Sweater reminds me of delicious, warm, pumpkin soup on a cold November day.

I decided to take a short break from donation knitting to make a pair of socks just for me. They are the "Jaywalker" pattern from Grumperina and the pattern can be found at

I used Trekking XXL sock yarn which is 75% superwash wool and 25% nylon.

I love the bright colors and they are super cozy.

Can't wait to see what everybody brings to Knit Night next month!


bmash said...

It's an honor to be included on your blog! I do enjoy knit night!

AlisonH said...

Okay, now I want to go knit an Aran, it's been a long time... And those socks! They are so cheerful! I think feet with them on would just *need* to be dancing!

Karin said...

That was fun!!!
But I think I need to get a haircut. :)

Elise H said...

Aw. Wished that I had been able to attend last time, but could not. I would have loved to see the February lady sweaters as I am in the process of making mine and could have used the guidance!! Great shots and you all look like you were having fun, so I kinda feel like i was there at least a little! :-)