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Wednesday, April 15, 2009


I've been working on this poncho for the donation to St. Margaret's in Albany. The yarn is a soft 100% cotton that sends tufts of fluff into the air when I knit. After a few minutes my eyes and nose itch so badly that I have to stop knitting. Then I had this bright idea! I remembered where I stored my cross country skiing equipment and found the mask to protect my eyes. And the other mask is for when I'm dusting. So it all works! Of course I'm left with the deepest creases on my face when I remove all this stuff, but someone will be warm and happy when it's finished, so it's worth it. My Moose and his mom came for a visit last week and we had lots of fun, once he was over his teething agony. That lasted two days and he felt miserable. Thanks goodness we had two more days to play and visit. Moose couldn't wait to bring some toys out to the driveway to "drive" around. He found a driveway reflector and decided it made a good microphone. Here he was singing "Jesus Loves Me" in perfect tune. When we walked to the end of the driveway Moose decided he would help by bringing in the recycling bin. Halfway back to the garage he needed a little help from Mommy. Our afternoon activity was spent watching one of his favorite DVD's "Monsters, Inc.". He knows he's not supposed to touch any of DeeDee's knitting supplies. I guess that's why he crossed his arms. Keep temptation away! There were actually a couple of times during Moose's visit when he sat still. I think it was just an opportunity for him to refuel and plan his next stategy of attack! LOL!

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Karin said...

What??????No comments? Is he not the cutest little boy ever? Not much of a baby anymore...