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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A very quiet Tuesday

Elaine was the only Chick who could knit with me yesterday. She has started a sweater called "Winsome" using a cream acrylic. The pattern lends itself to be for either a boy or a girl. This is part of our donation to Parson's Child and Family Center.

My second windowpane hoodie is finished. I used Plymouth Encore, which is a washable wool and acrylic blend. I decided to go with a zipper closing so it wouldn't be limited to one gender style. This will also go to Parson's.

The colors in the close up photo are almost true. The blue is a bright turquoise and the green is very chartreuse. The variegated yarn is Encore Colorspun.

This next photo is the hoodie I am working on currently. This photo of the purple and mauve is very true to the color. My good friends in Pennsylvania just became first time grandparents and I HAD to make something for the new baby. I sure hope Connie isn't reading this! Anyway, as soon as I saw these colors I knew they were right for little Madison Grace who was born last Saturday. I've decided to make baby gifts so they would fit them at one or two years old. Newborns just grow too fast to have the opportunity to wear something more than once.

I've attached the sleeves and I'm headed for the hood section soon. I should have this finished in no time!

This last photo is the hoodie I made for my grandson, Moose, who will be two years old next month. My how time flies! It seems like yesterday that I was lucky enough to be invited to witness his birth and now he's going to be two!

As soon as I get pictures of his birthday party, I'll post one of him wearing this sweater. I hope he doesn't grow too fast!

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AlisonH said...

What cheerful sweaters!