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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A visit from Pat

Kathleen's daughter, Pat, came for a visit yesterday. She is a lovely person and I wish she lived close enough to join us every week. She was working on a shirred rug, using a specialized crochet hook with a sharp needle on one end to work the wool strips. It's about the size of a chair seat and making an unusual, but very attractive pattern as the fabric is gathered or shirred into place.

Barbara is working on a diagonal baby blanket in a sunny yellow and Kathleen is whipping out a pair of mittens faster than you can say mittens!

Elaine started another baby blanket and then emailed me later to tell me she frogged it when she got home and decided to make a sweater instead. Sometimes "you gotta do what you gotta do." I'm on my third windowpane and striped sweater. This one will be turquoise and lime green variegated.

Maureen is making progress on her baby blanket that matches the sweater she made last week. The pastel colors are so soothing.

This last photo is from Andrew's friend's dining room. He went to see the friend's new apartment in Buffalo last weekend and the two of them went shopping for accessories to finish off the decor. When Anj showed me the pictures of the apartment, I was impressed with the interesting and expensive looking artwork they bought. Then he told me he painted the piece in the dining room. Now I know my kids are talented, but sometimes they catch me off guard and this was definitely one of those times. It makes me proud to see what he can do with his creativity.

I guess my kids get their talents from me! ROFL!!!

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AlisonH said...

Very cool! Congratulations! And as the daughter of an art dealer, may I say, he did a beautiful job.