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Monday, March 2, 2009

Another finished Windowpane and Stripes Hoodie

I made a trip to Northampton, Massachusetts on Saturday to visit WEBS ( "America's Largest Yarn Store" and the first canister of buttons I picked up had the perfect button for my latest hoodie. I couldn't have asked for a more perfectly matched button. Isn't it cute?!

I opened my email today only to find some new photos of my Moose! We bought him this cute little raincoat and matching umbrella for Christmas and now he gets to use it. The coat and umbrella are covered in moose!

Moose and his girlfriend Carly took a trip to the Please Touch Museum in Philadelphia and they had a great time with all the activities. This is the actual floor piano keys from the movie "Big" which starred Tom Hanks some years ago. Unfortunately, Moose and Carly weren't heavy enough to make it play, but their mommies had a good time making music.

Moose and Carly had lots of fun playing in the water table. It's a good thing they had plastic aprons!

Moose loves to "help" his mom play guitar so he loved this huge guitar at the museum!

I can't wait to visit again and check out this museum for myself. I'm sure Moose will be able to give me a private tour.

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