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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

This week with The Chicks

Our current project is making baby clothes and accessories for a local center that serves young mothers in need. Barbara finished this cute little preemie cap to add to our inventory.

Barb's next project is the February Beret, a little hat she is squeezing in between charity knitting, just for herself. We have to take care of us too!

Elaine is working on a sweet little sweater pattern that she found way back in 2006 on

It's an old pattern so you might have to go to archives to find it.

My current project, in between making a baby alpaca scarf for my son's birthday next Monday (don't worry, it's not a surprise gift) is a baby cap with open lace work. I found the pattern online, but can't retrace my steps to where it was. Sorry!

We don't have any photos of the evening knitters because due to weather, health, and family reasons we didn't meet last night. Maybe next week we'll have some progress photos to show. In the meantime, stay warm! I hear it's supposed to reach a high of 9 degrees today. YIKES!


Karin said...

I have a baby blanket out of washable wool halfway done. Can I add it to the collection? When it's done, of course...:)

Knittingchick said...

We'd love to have the blanket. Just let me know when to pick it up. Thanks Karin!