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Saturday, January 17, 2009


In answer to all the requests for photos of my new hair, there are no "before" photos. I couldn't take the chance of damaging my camera. If I can get Ron to figure out how to use my digital camera, I might have an "after" shot to post soon.

I got the nicest phone call last night from Breanna, my NEW hairdresser. Ooooo! It's so nice to say "my hairdresser"! Anyway, I had called the shop earlier in the afternoon to ask Stephanie, the receptionist, to relay my message of thanks and relief to Breanna and let her know she was featured in that day's entry on my blog. She called me back to say she had read it and wanted to thank me for being so sweet. She also tried to convince me I should take up writing as a profession, since she chuckled her way through the reading. But alas, I have enough to do without adding author to the mix.

Speaking of lots to do, it's back to the knitting needles for me. I don't have much time before my son's birthday on Monday and I am only halfway through his alpaca scarf! Gotta get clickin'!

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