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Friday, January 16, 2009

Don't try this at home!

Monday I decided I needed to add a little lift to the color of my hair so I bought the Garnier kit to add a few little skinny streaks of highlights. YIKES! The gloves were so clumsy I couldn't get little pieces of hair and then a big blob of stuff fell off the application comb and left a wide clump of color instead of a skinny streak. Plus instead of a golden highlight (as described in the booklet) I got orange streaks...ORANGE!!! It was hideous! So after my chiropractor appt. I drove down the street to a shop I've never been to before and don't know anyone who has ever been there, but I took a leap of faith. When I walked into the shop it was bright, clean, neat, tranquil, had a little bar with complimentary coffee, tea, and water with thinly sliced lemons and oranges floating lazily in the lovely silver cooler, there was a hint of classical music hovering in the background. I felt like I was home again! Aaahhhh.....I spoke to the receptionist. Well actually I almost cried "HELP" to the receptionist and, knowing that I was taking a chance, I asked if anyone in the shop had time to do a color repair and a haircut. She perused the computer screen with a combined look of pity and horror on her face. Meanwhile, I was doing my best poor puppydog face. She tried gently to tell me she wouldn't have time to squeeze me in today, but possibly tomorrow. I screamed in my head! I CAN'T GO ON THURSDAY. I HAVE A DENTAL CLEANING APPOINTMENT AND I CAN'T GO TO THE DENTIST LIKE THIS! Okay, calm myself, you can do it Jody....I was prepared to leave and come back the next day when the dear girl asked me to wait a minute. She left to speak to the owner Sherry, bless her heart, came back and said there was a cancellation, if I would like to see Breanna, she would give me a consultation and see what she could do. IF I WOULD LIKE! I almost bowed down and kissed her feet! And I have to say all the ladies in the shop were very tactful. No one pointed fingers and laughed, although it would have been perfectly warranted. And in no time at all, Breanna was hard at work fixing the awful things I had done to my hair. Now one thing I forgot to mention is that it has been about four years since I have been able to find a hairdresser I like. And believe me I have been looking! So desperation makes one do funny things. But I felt confident in Breanna's hands. She was young and pretty (I didn't hold that against her) and I could tell by the way she touched my hair and moved it around that she knew what she was doing. We talked about my ability to style my own hair and I told her the most compliments I ever got were when I cut it myself. And believe me I listened for the snickers as the person walked away and there were none. So I guess they really liked the cut. Anyway, we decided together to go with lowlights and a smooth assymetrical haircut. Two hours later Breanna and I were thrilled with the results! My hair is now back to a normal color with warm, caramel lowlights and the cut is the cutest I have had since my eight year stint with my favorite Kelly (who got married and had kids and moved away, WHAT'S WITH THESE GIRLS? DON'T THEY KNOW THEY ARE THERE TO TAKE CARE OF US!?) Breanna was so impressed with her own work, she was miffed that she hadn't taken a before and after photo. Not that I would have let her take the "before" version. The best part of all is that I have found a new hairdresser...for now. She just got married in December! DARN!


Mandy said...

i think we NEED to see before & after shots! didn't you take any yourself?

Knittingchick said...

Heavens NO! I didn't want to risk damaging the camera! LOL!

Karin said...

We! Want! Pictures!
Or I will come ring your doorbell in the morning for a looksee!

Lisa said...

hee hee, we all wanna see some photos, Jody. I'll bet Ron's got one hidden somewhere.