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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Rosebud Socks

At the beginning of December I knitted a pair of socks for myself, since I hadn't made any for me since two years ago. I used Online yarn and called them Rosebud because the colors reminded me of my Grandpa's rosebush.

The pattern (called Synesthesia Sock from somewhere on the net)looked to me like the sepals surrounding the rosebud before it opens.

I love how they turned out and I've got the stitches on the needles for a pair of Jaywalkers for me next. I also finished a baby hat called "Sweet Baby Hat" to go with a Baby Surprise Jacket that I'll be donating soon. When it's blocked I'll take a photo to post.

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Lisa C. in FL said...

I'm loving these socks, Jody. And you did a great job. Tell me more about the yarn. Wool? Cotton? Mix? Wish I could be up there knitting with you!

Love you!