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Monday, January 12, 2009


Twenty-eight years ago I looked like this about two months before I delivered my precious angel Amanda. She was born four weeks before her due date and spent nine days in NICU but recovered with flying colors in a short time.

On Mother's Day, May 10, 1981 she was baptized wearing the beautiful gown her Nanny Boo made for her. What an angel! And those cheeks!!! So kissable!

Here is my angel all grown up with a family of her own now. I can't believe she's 28 years old! I hope you don't mind that I told everybody, Sweetie.

God has answered all my prayers by giving me a lovely young woman of whom I can be proud. You are as beautiful on the inside as you are on the outside and I'm sending you all my love, hugs and kisses with prayers for a wonderful lifetime ahead for you. I love you Manda Panda, my pride and joy! God bless you! And happy birthday!

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jackie said...

Its amazing how time does fly. You have a beautiful family and please keep us posted on Moose:-)