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Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Indian Summer

We have been experiencing the most beautiful Indian Summer weather here in the Capital District of New York. Sunday I decided to summon up the courage to go to the Walkway Over the Hudson which spans the river to connect Highland, NY to Poughkeepsie, NY. Looking north you can see the Catskill Mountains in the distance.
 To say I'm not a fan of heights would be a gross understatement but I reminded myself that trains used to travel over the span and it's not very narrow. So I put on my big girl panties and Ron and I thoroughly enjoyed our day trip. Behind him is the Mid Hudson Bridge looking south.
 We even rode the glass elevator to the park below on the Poughkeepsie riverfront.
 Just past the walkway is a children's museum and park.
 It was nice to see people using the park in view from the walkway. What a great way to get some exercise while enjoying the day.
 And the weather continued to be gorgeous today too. The afternoon ladies and I sat outside to knit. Elaine worked on her tweed cap and by 3PM it was finished.
Liz worked a bit on a fuzzy blanket for a friend's daughter who needed a security blanket.
The yarn is a soft, fuzzy fiber and will be so cuddly for a little one.
She also worked on her Barley hat. Whenever we use stripes it usually means we are afraid we're going to run out of yarn and need to extend for size.
Debbie started a pair of children mittens on four needles.
She's using a superwash merino so they'll be soft and warm.
Debbie added a sweet pair of booties to the inventory too.
My needles are busy making a circular baby blanket with Berroco Vintage in chunky weight. The pattern is based on a circular shawl which has me placing a YO at strategic points on the knit row and then purling straight through the next row.
Carole showed us a scarf she's knitting for her friend using Periwinkle Sheep yarn. The pattern is called Fuss Free Festival Shawl. She worked all evening on a top down baby sweater only to realize that the yarn didn't want to be this particular sweater. So she's going to frog it and work a different pattern for next week.
I forgot to take an updated photo of Dorah's Zoe hat but she added another couple of inches to what I showed you last week.
I hope you're enjoying the wonderful autumn weather. You might even get to knit outdoors before the snow falls.

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