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Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Baby clothes are fun to knit!

Elaine dove into her stash of UFO's and found this cute little kimono sweater which needs a method of closure. We tossed around a few ideas but she doesn't want to do any sewing so she's going to pick up stitches and make I-cords to tie it closed. Down in the lower right corner you can see the hat she's working on. Elaine was running short on the variegated yarn so she is adding stripes of solid pink here and there to extend the fabric so it will fit someone's head.
 Barbara's blanket is coming along nicely.
 Debbie started Freddie the Field Mouse using pink worsted weight yarn. Can't wait to see him finished.
 Dorah showed us her ChevRiot shawl she made using Periwinkle Sheep yarns. Those chevrons are offset so they travel the length of the shawl. 
 And she finished her Zoe hat tonight. I love it in pink!
 She found a baby pullover sweater which she started some months back and picked it back up again. Look at those cute little sheep stitch markers!
 Margaret's top down cardigan had one and a half sleeves when we finished tonight. It won't be long now and it will have a body too.
 The top down cardigan I'm making is ready to be split for the sleeves now. It shouldn't take too long to complete the body then I'll try to knit both sleeves at the same time on magic loop.
 Carole's top down sweater looked like this when we started tonight...
and like this when it was time to go home. Before you know it, it will have its sleeves and be ready for inventory. 
 I didn't have enough gray yarn to make a whole hat so I threw in some blue and was able to stretch it into an adult size hat.
 And after a thrilling game of yarn chicken, I finished an octopus toy. I held my breath when I neared the finish line, hoping all the while that there would be enough yarn to finish. That little ball is all that was left. 
Now I can breathe.

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AlisonH said...


I wish I'd heard of the octopus toys when my grandsons were preemies. They're a great idea.