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Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Welcome home Liz and Maureen!

Liz is back in town after a long winter in Florida. She brought a huge bag filled with warm goodies for our inventory. 
 She worked on hats and shawls and...
 scarves, and cowls. This one is called "Last Minute Cowl" (it inspired me to start one you'll see it below). The pattern is for sale on Ravelry.
Liz brought a whole bunch of colorful items.
She showed us a stash buster project for which she used this novelty yarn knitted together with a worsted weight solid color.
It turned out so nice! She is making this for a friend. Who knew it would take a plain yarn and make it so "blingy"?!?!
Now Liz is making a Mistake Stitch Scarf, a good old standby pattern.
Debbie finished her cabled hat and it looks great! The stitch definition is perfect.
After watching some Youtube videos on how to knit Magic Loop, she is teaching herself how to make mittens with this new-to-her technique.
Carole finished her striped hat and had enough yarn left for...
another hat in just the tan color. She showed us the pattern which she found in a library book. I can't wait to see it completed.
Beth's adult size sock looks gigantic next to the sweet little baby sock she made. It's hard to remember how tiny baby feet are.
Margaret decided to make a hat with a Cascade yarn that is supposed to mimic hand painted yarn.
And tonight was Maureen's first night back after tax season. It was good to have her back in the flock! She had to work on a blanket for her personal stash but got some ideas for future knit projects.
Liz inspired me with her Last Minute Cowl so I cast on for one. It's quick and easy, if you can count to 3. I've been known to have problems in that department in the past so we'll see how it goes.
A few years ago I bought some mawata silk at one of the fiber festivals after seeing a post by the Yarn Harlot in which she showed a pair of mittens she made just by drafting a hankie and knitting with it. This is what it looks like before you separate the layers of silk.
After pulling one single layer and drafting it as though it were to be spun into yarn, I knit it into a...
cowl. I finished knitting it last night but it need buttons. You would not believe how light the finished fabric is! And how warm! AND SOFT! But because it's basically worm spit, like a spider web, it catches on EVERYTHING! So I have to be sure to cover my hands in moisturizer before I attempt to knit it.
I bought a new toy, a Turkish spindle so I could learn how to spin the silk but first I'll practice on some woolen fiber that was hanging around my yarn basket. 
It's fun to spin but to be honest with you, I'd much rather get right to business and knit!
Keep those needles clicking and I'll see you next week!