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Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Liz was busy this week!

Liz started us off this week with a bunch of FO's. This cowl needed a bit of decoration so she added buttons.
 They are the cutest little clothespins from a sweater that was worn out from which she rescued the buttons. That's recycling for you!
 One of her granddaughters is going to Michigan to college next year and she wanted to make her a scarf in the school colors. So here is a Mistake Stitch Scarf in the deep green to which she might add white stripes and white fringe.
 Liz started a cowl with this pretty blue yarn, using two strands together in a seed stitch pattern. This will help her bust through the stash!
 Liz added two more items to the inventory today... a pretty, light green scarf and...
 a dark green cowl that is long enough to wrap three times for a good warm snuggle.
 Elaine is still plugging away at her blanket but it doesn't look like that ball of yarn has shrunk at all! 
 Barbara didn't want me to show you her hat again since she feels like she's been knitting it forever. But she actually started the decreasing crown portion today.
 Cinzia's Mitered Baby Jacket has sleeves now and she picked out a bright orange yarn to compliment it when she knits the I-cord edging.
 Maureen had to get creative because she was running out of yarn quickly. Plan B, add another band of dark gray to stretch out the use of the light gray.
 Dorah was knitting along on her hat and suddenly ripped it off the needle and frogged it! She had made a few too many annoying little mistakes that were starting to add up to one big one. So rather than trying to ignore it, she felt it was better to rip it out and start over. Meanwhile, Margaret was just saying that it felt like it was taking her forever to finish her hat. With spring comes her many other activities and knitting takes a back seat to enjoying the outdoors, weather permitting. But around here lately has been gloomy most days and the rain! OY! I feel like I'm growing flippers and gills!
 Carole's High Woods Hat takes some concentration to follow the pattern but it's coming along nicely.
 And I've just started the decreasing portion of my Ribbed Watchman's Hat. The yarn has a nice depth to the color, not just flat navy blue.
I need to finish it so I can get back to the baby jacket I started last week.
If only I could knit in my sleep...

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