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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Knitting interrupted

Two weeks ago these hats were just an inch or two long. Now they are close to arriving at the point where the crown decreasing will start. Elaine and Barbara are making nice progress.
 We started talking about annoying phone calls and all the scams that are so prevalent now and how we handle them. While having this conversation my cell phone rang and it was a call from a maintenance company reminding me of an appointment tomorrow. Not ten minutes later Elaine's phone rang but she didn't recognize the number so she decided to let it ring. We googled the number and it came back with a name she never heard of. When it rang again Barbara answered it for Elaine and the rude person hesitated identifying herself. It turned out to be the same person who had just called me with a reminder calling Elaine to remind her of her appointment tomorrow too! We all had a good laugh but you just can't be too careful anymore! 

Debbie noticed that the hat she worked on last week looked a little wonky (that's a technical knitting term, LOL!) and it turned out she worked a twist of the cable in the same direction twice instead of alternating the twist. So this week doesn't show as much progress since she had to rip it back a bit. But it's perfect now.
 The ladies worked diligently tonight.
 Carole's hat has stripes of green and tan which gradually shrink and grow respectively as the hat gets longer.
 And Margaret's hands are buzzing along with her hat.
 Beth is making boot socks with a light worsted weight yarn. 
They go a lot quicker with the heavier yarn.
 She finished a pair of short socks which are great for warmer weather. That's Periwinkle Sheep yarn.
 Her mittens are finished too and ready to go into inventory.
 Margaret felted the clutch purse and...
 a shoulder bag. This one has Lopi yarn which is a great yarn for felting. 
 I finished the Copenhagen Calling Cowl that I started last week. 
I used a Knit Picks tweed yarn from the stash.
 It's long enough to wrap twice around the neck and makes a lovely, cozy wrap.
 A Cascade 220 yarn hat in a vivid green just fell off my needles! Since I translated the pattern by watching a video, I offered it to the designer so she could post the English version on Ravelry but I haven't seen it available yet.
If you'd like to make it too look on Ravelry for "Czapka" by Jolanta Mazurek and then wait until she posts the English version. For now, keep those needles clicking on another project!

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