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Tuesday, November 1, 2016

WOW! Look at all those hats!

Today was labeling day for all our "Yarn Bombing" items. The afternoon ladies labeled and ...
 The evening ladies took inventory. And what an inventory it was!
 We had 93 hats! And that's thanks mostly to Barbara Pascalides who isn't even a Chick! She had heard about our group and wanted to help out and so she donated a whole herd of hats! LOL! Thank you Barbara P.!
 There were also scarves, and hats, and cowls, and mittens. We had a grand total of 135 items for the yarn bombing. Which by the way, will be on Tuesday, November 15 around midday in downtown Albany, just like last year. If you would like to join in the fun, meet us around Academy Park or Pearl Street. Some of us should be wandering around. Make sure you attach a tag to you items that says,
"I am not lost. If you are cold, take me to keep warm and know that someone cares about you."
We'd love to have you join in the fun and maybe we can gather afterwards for a hot cocoa.
 Small gathering tonight as Dorah wasn't feeling well and Beth ...
Had to welcome her new grandson! Jackson arrived a little early but he is as beautiful as can be. His Daddy looks pleased as punch with his new little bundle of love! Look at those precious cheeks! I'm sure Beth is busy knitting clothes for him as we speak.
Carole cast on for her Hand Brake cowl in a pretty purple yarn.
And Maureen continues to add stitches to her Lotus hat.
I was feeling a bit slowed down by some long knitting projects so I put them aside for some quick knits. The Bamboo Pop yarn became the Wasabi hat. The yarn is a pretty lilac, although you'd never know it in this picture. The yarn is a cotton and bamboo blend which makes it very soft and will be perfect for our next recipients, the Romero Chemo Center.
Then I received an announcement in the mail from my cousin in Switzerland who became a grandfather for the third time so I worked up a pair of toe-up, two-at-a-time, magic loop socks. I didn't want to make them newborn size and have them fit for a whole two minutes so I opted for toddler size. Maybe they'll last a week instead! LOL!
My hairdresser is having a baby girl at the end of this month so I thought she could use a cute bonnet. Actually, this is the same yarn as the Wasabi hat above. Now that's the color is truly is!
My grandkitty is coming for another visit next week and she didn't have many toys to play with last time so I whipped up a mouse for her. I wanted to give it ears but I thought they might be a choking hazard so I left them off.
Well, that's all for this week. Remember if you want to help out with your own knitted hats and scarves, Tuesday, November 15 will be yarn bombing day. Hope to see you then!