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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Two holidays down, on to the next

The time from Halloween to Christmas seems to go by faster and faster every year! We just put the summer clothes away yesterday, didn't we? I had a houseful of family for Thanksgiving this year. There is so much for which I am grateful, not the least of whom are my Chicks. My son texted me this morning to find out if I could make two sets of hat, mittens, and scarf for a needy family of a nine year old boy and two year old girl. My Chicks, God bless them, stepped right up to the plate and we've got it covered. Barbara said she had enough red yarn to make the boy's ensemble so she, Debbie, and Elaine are going to make his set and I dove into my stash and found a periwinkle blue and soft pink superwash wool I had stashed away for a baby sweater (which I never made) and I've knitted the Scallo-pie scarf for the little girl up to the point where I want to start the scallops in the pink. I'll need some quiet along time to tackle the instructions though.
Barbara and Debbie worked on their chemo donations projects until they can get the red yarn. Barbara is working on a scarf to match a lovely spiral hat she made. Sorry that I forgot to get a photo!
Elaine casted on for a soft pink chunky knit hat. We'll see more of it next week I'm sure.
Cinzia liked Barbara's spiral hat so much she decided to start one in the lovely burgundy angora blend yarn. The pattern is free on Ravelry.
Cinzia made a beautiful cowl out of some donated yarn. It must be merino wool because it is so soft.
Elaine added to our inventory too. This hat...
and a hat and scarf set went into storage for our next delivery a few months from now.
Carole actually finished her Handbrake cowl before she left tonight. It's lovely. And it didn't even need blocking!
Maureen finished her Lotus hat too! Look at that stitch definition! Just beautiful Maureen!
This will be her next project. She will make it with black yarn and gray kitties.
Here is the start. Can't wait to see it finished!
I better get back to my knitting. I have until the 18th to finish the set and I still haven't finished my own Christmas knitting! I just wish I could knit in my sleep!!!

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