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Tuesday, November 8, 2016

There's a new Chick in town

Last week you may have noticed a new face in the group. We have a new afternoon Chick. Debbie has been knitting for about 3 years. Even though she knitted with her sister when they were teens, she didn't become serious about it until recently. She retired from the Office of Mental Health for NY and also from teaching biology. She has a son, a daughter and a granddaughter. Oh, and don't let me forget her furbaby, a mini dachshund. We welcome her to our flock and hope she enjoys us as much as we enjoy having her in our little group.
She and Barbara are checking out hat patterns for our next project, The Romero Center, a chemo center in Latham, NY.
Right now Debbie is working on a shawl with a pretty purple yarn that already has sequins in it for added bling!
Barbara started her cast on for the Spiral Hat by Aimee Pelletier. It's a freebie on Ravelry if you want to cast on and start one. It's one of those easy patterns that keep repeating the same stitches around and around.
And look who came to visit while her Daddy is away. Joules came right up to the room where the Chicks knit and made herself comfortable while we chatted.
Maureen's Lotus hat is gorgeous! Look at that stitch definition! Perfection!
Carole's HandBrake cowl is just starting to show the pattern. If you look closely you can see the diagonal lines forming upwards to the left.
I couldn't help myself from starting a new project! My friend Karin of Periwinkle Sheep gave me a skein of this year's Rhinebeck 2016 color. It's hard to tell here but it is a gorgeous steely blue/gray and I think it will make a beautiful Miss Winkle scarf. I think I might have to keep her for myself.
Well, I made history today and went out early to vote. Did you? Whatever the outcome, I pray our country heals from all the vicious attacks and terrible behavior to which we have been exposed over these last months. I am going to sleep and wake up to a new president tomorrow! Have a good night.

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