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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Rain, rain, go away!

Today was Yarn Bombing Day in downtown Albany, NY. Just before we were to leave the house, the skies opened up and the rain pelted down. I asked Mother Nature if she could rethink this weather pattern but she had other ideas.
We had nine bags filled with hats, scarves, cowls, and a few pairs of mittens too.
We had to squeeze them into the car trunk and could barely close the top! There were almost 400 items for us to distribute on a cold, rainy day. 
 Carole, Barbara, Cinzia, Debbie and I went in all different directions scattering our hand knits throughout Academy Park, in the bus kiosks on State Street and Pearl Street, and in the Greyhound Bus Station. 
 Barbara, Cinzia, and Carole had to get back to work and home so Debbie and I finished off the last few items.
 There was one bag left which we dropped off at the City Mission before we left for home.
But first we stopped off at Cider Belly Donuts for some hot spiced apple cider and a donut for a reward for wandering in the cold and rain.
In an hour and a half all the hats and scarves which were in the above bus stops were gone!
Someone will be warm tonight! 
Now we will take a couple of weeks off to enjoy Thanksgiving with our families. We are truly blessed and I am especially blessed to have such wonderful knitters I can call my friends. 
Thank you Chicks for all that you do and for facing the crummy weather today in order to make someone else's day a little warmer and brighter.

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