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Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Making labels

There was a full house of busy bees this afternoon. We labeled everything so we could inventory a donation to Community Maternity. Sofia (second from the left) told us a funny story about someone she saw while she was lifeguarding at the pool. She noticed a woman bouncing up and down in the pool and thought nothing of it but then noticed she was leaning her elbows out of the pool. On second look she could see the woman was knitting! In the pool!  Making a sweater! WITH CABLES!!! We all laughed and wondered how she avoided wetting the wool or dropping everything into the water. Some knitters just can't waste a second of time! 
We knitted 39 items this time around including hats, sweaters, booties, vests, blankets, and a cute little dress.
 Cinzia made a bunch of baby hats like this one. So cute! I'll have to get the pattern from her.
 And Liz's scarf has gotten much longer since last we met. The yarn is a blend of merino, nylon, and rabbit angora. Not only is it soft, it has a fuzzy halo that makes the fabric luscious!
 Barbara is working on another Present cowl. This is a quick and easy pattern if you need a gift in a hurry. This will go into the inventory for our yarn bombing.
 Elaine cast on for a Mistake Stitch Scarf in a nice denim blue.
Maureen started a Last Minute Cowl just like the one Beth made a few weeks back.
And here is the second one Beth started with the same pattern.
And Carole's baby sweater has grown quite a bit since last week but she is wondering if there'll be enough yarn. She might have to throw in some contrasting stripes.
Time to design a new element!

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