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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

A furry visitor this week

My grandkitty is staying with me this week while her Daddies go on vacation. Her name is Joules and she is the sweetest ball of fur I know! She has made herself quite at home and loves her morning routine of heading out to the screened in deck to protect us from marauding autumn leaves! She is an indoor cat and this has been quite the vacation for her too.
We were able to take advantage of the 72 degree weather and had a wonderful afternoon on the deck while Joules watched from behind closed doors. Not everyone is comfortable with kitties wandering free.
Liz finished the angora scarf. It's lovely!
It will be a warm defense against the cold this winter.
Then she started a hat to match and it's coming along nicely.
Elaine grabbed her knitting bag and hurried over here only to find out it didn't have her knitting in it! So she borrowed my needles and started a 2X2 ribbed hat in Lion Brand Wool Ease yarn in a heather red color.
I had yarn left from the scarf I finished last week so I started a cowl. I'm knitting 2 rows of each color so I'm getting lots of practice knitting the "Jogless Stripe". When you knit in the round you are creating a spiral of rows so the second round doesn't line up with the first stitch. The video shows how to avoid this.
This past Saturday was the Southern Adirondack Fiber Festival at the Washington County Fairgrounds in Greenwich, New York. It was a lovely day to be out and around in the sunshine. I found two yarns which I couldn't resist. The teal is from my friend Karin and it's from her new product, Delirium, a blend of Yak fiber, merino and nylon, colorway "Set in Stone". The gray is from Ball and Skein called Ariel, colorway "Silvery Moon", and is a blend of Alpaca, silk, and cashmere. These two yarns are so soft they have to be held down so they don't fly away! I'm making Martina Behm's Leftie scarf for myself. I think I'm going to love this!
Beth knitted a hat for someone and decided he wouldn't like the slouchy style so...
she knitted another hat for him using the basic principles from the Baa-ble Hat pattern, for sale on Ravelry. She had to start it with a provisional cast on so she could knit the ribbing for 5 inches then fold it up and knit 2 stitches together, one from the needle and one from the provisional cast on edge. This method gives a double thick band of ribbing and a nice finished edge.
Her son and daughter-in-law are expecting their first baby in November so she also knitted a hat with the colors of Ohio State. Cute!
And let's not miss the cute little toy she made! This little elephant was even cuter in person! This grandbaby will have the most unique toys and clothes!
Not sure of the recipient yet, Beth started "What Alice Found" scarf a few weeks ago. She was knitting along merrily when suddenly she realized the stitches were twisted! Those knitters out there who knit in the round know how frustrating it is to check and recheck those stitches when joining to knit in the round only to find out that those 300 stitches got twisted when no one was looking! 
It's those knitting gremlins!
From top left going clockwise: Liz's finished angora scarf, Beth's finished cowl, and Carole's finished lace cowl. Beautiful job ladies!
Carole started this hat last week with Plymouth Encore and made some progress tonight.
She showed us a project she is knitting for her friend who loves color so what better choice of yarns that Noro Silk Garden?! These are two different colorways that will be striped to make...
Shizuku. Carole is pointing to a section where she had to cut the yarn and bring in a new color because the two skeins were too close in color to knit together at that point. She did a very nice job of fudging it!
Dorah's Mistake Stitch scarf is growing steadily.
And Beth started a real Baa-ble hat tonight. Check out the pattern. It's really clever and cute.
Maureen is still plugging away on her cowl. The colors are just energizing!
And look who came to supervise our knitting. She had her paw on Dorah's knee to make sure she didn't get away.
The Joules noticed the end tail of the yarn. Now that's there just for her to play!
Maureen was under close supervision too. Yes, Joules is a big cat! And oh so loveable! 
I'm going to have a hard time giving her back!

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