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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

The goods were delivered today

Some of the Chicks and I delivered our baby clothes to the Community Maternity Services today. We had a lovely visit with Anne Marie Couser, the Executive Director. She pulled items from the bags and ooohed and aaahed over each one. She made us feel special with her compliments. It's so nice to make things for people who really appreciate them. It helps to make us feel like we're really making a difference in someone's life. 
(left to right: Cinzia, Anne Marie, Liz, and Elaine. I'm hiding in the back)
The evening Chicks started some new projects and continued on those in progress. Carole started the Conifer hat.
She found a skein of Plymouth Encore in this lovely green and cast on the required number of stitches. She's well on her way to a warm hat.
Dorah found a nice Arucania yarn to start her Mistake Stitch scarf, a favorite standard for all of us. It's one of those patterns that is hard to mess up so it's a good one for conversation or TV watching.
Maureen doesn't have too much left to knit on her Last Minute Cowl. I love the brightly colored yarn!
I've made some progress on my Miss Winkle too.
Those loops look like they would be difficult to knit but the pattern is very clearly written and this is becoming one of my favorite knits.
I finished blocking my Nurmilintu and didn't notice until it was pinned out that it has little hearts in the lace. The yarn is Queensland Sugar Cane yarn. No, it doesn't taste sweet! Ask my goofy son!
When I made the first one it was with a yarn that was variegated, almost tonal so it was too busy to see the lace design. But this solid red really highlights the lace.
That's why it's so important to study the yarn to make sure it is appropriate for the pattern you'll be knitting.
There's nothing worse than knitting for several weeks on a garment only to dislike the finished product. Believe me, experience is the best teacher!

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