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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Will we ever finish?

Some of us Chicks are working on seemingly never-ending projects. Elaine's baby blanket looks lovely but it's one of those items which never seems to grow any larger. Then BAM! One day it's finished.
 Barbara started the Present Cowl today. She is using a pretty tonal yarn that reminds me of dark berries.
 Maureen finished her watchcap which she started before tax season started.
 Now she's working on a baby sweater. I like her choice of color. Not your typical "baby pink or blue".
 Beth started a hat which is covered in cables. None of us believe her when she says it's easy! LOL!
 And another never-ending Minty Bricks still on Carole's needles.
 Speaking of never-ending...I started this scarf/cowl last June but became so bored with it I had to put it in time-out for awhile. Today I finally came to join a new color so maybe I will have renewed interest and will be able to continue on it. It's called Tubularity from Martina Behm and you can purchase the pattern on Ravelry.
 Just to make myself feel like I accomplished something I made a watchcap yesterday. Well, I started it Sunday night and wrapped it up Monday night. It's a pretty quick knit when I put my mind to it.
 And another baby bonnet simply fell off my needles last week! I love this little pattern and the designer has made corrections to the errors in the original pattern.
 Check out those ties! I found a video on Youtube that showed how to make twisted cords using your electric hand mixer. With lots of help from Ron (it's really a four handed job) I turned out a pretty neat looking twisted cord.
 I think we all have knitted at least one garment which once it was finished we looked at it and said,
"Why did I make this? It looks awful on me!" This beautiful sweater was one that Beth made, didn't like once it was completed, and never wore it. Rather than keep it in her closet she decided to donate it to the Chicks where it will be put to good use. She did a lovely job.
Then we got to talking about how we don't like to make garments for ourselves because after all the expense and work, we don't like the results. That's why I stick to scarves and shawls for me. I'll stick to making sweaters for children that I can give away to someone who really needs it.

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AlisonH said...

Beautiful, all of it. Including Beth's sweater.