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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Knots! I hate knots!

Some yarns resist being felted either because they are synthetic fibers, or it's superwash, or they contain a natural fiber such as cotton or silk which just won't felt. I'm working on a baby blanket for which I'm using Berroco Comfort Chunky, a nylon and acrylic washable yarn and very "unfeltable"! So when it came time to add a new ball of yarn I had to search Youtube for an alternate method of joining so I wouldn't have a huge knot in the middle of my knitting. I came across a braiding method in which one strand of yarn from the old ball of yarn is split into two sections and the strand from the new ball of yarn is left whole. They are clipped together at one end and braided together for a few inches until it holds. Thank goodness I had Elaine to hold one end so I could work the braid. 
 It makes a very sturdy join and as you can see it is almost invisible. The thickness is the same as the original strand of yarn and when the garment is fully knitted I can snip off those ends.
 Carole is making progress on her Minty Bricks and...
 her Hitchhiker scarf is coming along nicely too.
My Minty Bricks is showing signs of growing but not quickly enough to satisfy me so.... 
 I looked through my stitch books until I found one I liked and started this baby blanket. The stitch is reversible and when I have completed the blanket I'll put the pattern up for free on Ravelry.
Speaking of patterns, I finished my pattern for the Lindan Cowls and it is for sale on Ravelry.
You get the instructions for two different cowls for the price of one! And the pattern is customizable for size. It can be made as deep or as shallow as you like.
Before I go, let me show you Cinzia, Elaine, and I when we delivered our goodies to the Interfaith Partnership for the Homeless in Albany, NY. That's Clarice Nichols, Volunteer and Outreach Coordinator with us. 
Thank you Chicks for again making a successful delivery for those in need.

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