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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Our Annual Field Trip to WEBS

Last Saturday Carole, Elaine, and I made the trip to Northampton, Massachusetts to our motherland, WEBS (America's Yarn Store is what they call themselves). We had a lovely 1 hour and 15 minute drive on a beautifully sunny day.
 The front showroom was filled with beautiful yarns and tools and sample knits. And then we made our way back to....
 THE WAREHOUSE! It's row after row of shelves filled with heavenly fibers! We were overcome by the fumes of yarn everywhere! And if you buy $60 worth you get another certain percentage off so how could you not take advantage?!?!
 I came home with these lovelies that are an alpaca and merino blend. My plan is to knit a chevron stitch scarf alternating two rows of each color. By the time I get to it I will probably change my mind a dozen times.
 My other purchase was this 100% Baby Alpaca that must have been spun by the angels themselves! Talk about soft! They will become this shawl called Everyday Shawl. I just have to finish the skillion and one other projects on needles first.
 I did manage to finish this little bonnet called Bonnet Camponesa. There is a video showing the technique of knitting it, however, it's all spoken in Portuguese! I followed along watching with the sound off. 
 It was a very entertaining knit but I'll warn you there are mistakes in the written English version of the pattern. But if you watch the video you will be able to figure out the corrections yourself. I've written to the designer but haven't heard back from her yet.
 Another FO I made over the last week was the Cushy Cowl using my friend Karin's DK yarn of merino and silk in the color Ominous. It's really a deep teal but it didn't photograph very well.
 Barbara finished the hat she was knitting last week....
 and the scarf too. Now there's a nice set!
 Elaine added many inches to the baby blanket. She explained that she intended to make a sweater but it turned out so wide she decided to make it a blanket instead. When I asked her if she "got gauge" we all laughed hysterically!!!
 We started off the evening group with cheesecake. The afternoon ladies got some too. I can't have that stuff sitting around the house or I'll eat it all so it was nice to have someone to share it with. And look who's back to the land of the living! It's Maureen! (Third in from the left) 
Tax season must be over!
 Dorah switched back to making this a scarf instead of a cowl so she has a few more weeks of knitting to go.
 Beth put the finishing stitches on a pair of man's mittens.
 Then we all tried to figure out why the pattern designer made such pointy tops. Actually, once they are worn they look more normal.
 Maureen is almost finished with the hat she started before her hiatus.
 And Carole is working on her never-ending Minty Bricks. It's a lovely, easily memorized pattern but it feels like it will take forever!
Well, my projects are not going to knit themselves so I better get it in gear and knit. 
See you next week.

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Marcia Galti said...

Jodie Mason
I updated the post with the pattern. Thank you for letting me know. Please look for me it is correct.
I loved to have done !! It was beautiful cap.
Márcia Galti