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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

The Superheroes to the rescue!

This weekend was the annual costume party at our club and my grandsons brought their mom up to celebrate. Or should I say Deadpool and Captain Jack Sparrow brought the Black Widow?
 Captain Jack was a bit overwhelmed by the haunted house but he soon recovered when he spotted the candy cauldron.
 Deadpool was pretty spooky with that shrunken head.
 After dinner was the "Let's see how much sugar you can pile on a shortbread ghost", otherwise known as cookie decorating time.
 It must have been delicious...
 there were only a few crumbs left.
 It looked as though Captain Jack was going to offer me a bite of his Peanut Butter cup but...
 no such luck. It disappeared quicker than you could say, "Pretty please!"
 This afternoon the Chicks showed off some of their FO's. Elaine made a hat for her granddaughter which turned out to be too big so she will make a smaller one and then have one for her daughter-in-law to match.
 Kathleen gave her daughter her knitted hat so she started a new one for herself. A straight forward 1X1 ribbing will fold up onto a stockinette cap.
 Cinzia picked up a crocheted scarf where her daughter, Elena left off. Now that school has started her girls don't have as much time to knit and crochet anymore.
 Barbara created a little stash busting pattern to make a scarf which will look great with denim jeans.
 Maureen was overjoyed to turn in her finished Mistake Stitch Scarf and added a cowl to the inventory too.
 I thought Dorah's Mistake Stitch Scarf looked a lot like her favorite team colors.
 She had to leave early tonight so she wouldn't miss a minute of the World Series.
 Carole made a scarf for a friend using Martina Behm's pattern called Easy. She used a self-striping yarn from Zauberball. The colors are gorgeous.
 Here is Carole's current project called Cushy Cowl, a pattern by our friend Karin.
Another lovely yarn by Zauberball is the one Beth is using for her September Circle cowl.
 Last week Beth was concerned that the hat she was knitting was using up yarn more quickly than expected. Rather than run out and not having more of a matching dye lot she frogged it in favor of...
 starting over in a smaller size.
 Maureen's hat has pretty cables and she will soon be decreasing for the crown.
 Last week I started the ZickZack scarf using a silk/cotton/acrylic blend yarn. The colors are blending nicely together.
Have a good Halloween and don't eat too much candy!

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