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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Another knitting day with the Chicks

I think last week I showed you Beth's team scarf in the final stages. Well, yesterday morning she showed us the finished project. It looks great. It can be worn as a single wrap around the neck or doubled up to keep out the winter cold. The randomness of the stripes lends a wonderful pattern.
My ribbed watch cap took just a couple of days worth of knitting to finish. By evening's end...
 it was ready to go!
 Liz is almost done with the never ending Mistake Stitch scarf. Sometimes those things seem to take forever!
 Cinzia finished her ZickZack scarf and it's nice and long for warmth. 
 Her daughter, Elena, added a pair of fingerless mitts to our inventory too.
Carole's hat has reached the decrease portion of the pattern. You can see where it's beginning to taper in for the crown. Next week we'll probably see the finished hat. 
That's all there is this week but check back next week for more wooly goodness.

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